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Reading made easy

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Self-development can be done in so many ways. But the first step is to break free from laziness. Most of the renowned billionaires didn’t graduate in prestigious schools; some of them didn’t even get a degree. What they had were passion, eagerness and persistence. They studied what they wanted to study and read books in accordance to what they wanted to learn.

Are you getting the point?

We can all be successful if we all just work hard to be one. And, we can start by reading something that stirs our curiosity and interest. When you read, you equip yourself with knowledge not too many people know; you give yourself the chance to learn beyond the four walls of the classroom. When you read, you widen your perspective.

Books – the ones that you’ve chosen for yourself – will let you discover that the world is bigger than you thought; thus, giving you the drive to learn deeper.

Moreover, by reading books, your imagination will broaden. If you work in a field that requires a lot of creativity, reading is the first thing you should do. Your critical thinking will be stronger once you have sharpened your brain every day by reading what you want to know more and learn more.

Here’s the good news: you can read inspirational and educational books in so many ways, too! Gone are the days when we all just relied on the traditional printed materials to learn. Now, we have several means to learn and expand our knowledge!


Well, of course, books will always be present. Even with the existence of technology, it still feels good to scan through a new book, smell its fresh pages and flip it chapter after chapter. Books are the main source of knowledge, especially for students in rural provinces that don’t have access to other resources. What’s also great about printed books is that it keeps you focused as Internet and other stuff don’t have the power to disturb you. Because of this, you will be able to think deeply and absorb what the book wants to tell you.


iPads and tables are bigger than smartphones, so it means that if you use it as a reading tool, you’ll have a bigger screen for your reading! It also has huge storage capacities so you can save your materials and set a reading schedule that fits your lifestyle. But like smartphones, try to not get tempted to use social media or other online apps when you read. Concentrate on what you’re reading or you’ll miss the joy that books (printed or digital) bring.


Who says smartphones are for calls, SMS and Internet only? If you’re wise enough, it can be a tool for reading. Smartphones can download applications that enable users to get copies of their
favourite books and store them for offline reading. Yes! With smartphones, you can read and learn whenever and wherever you want.



Kindle was created to not replace printed books, but to be another great way to read without the hassle of carrying heavy and thick loads. Kindle is a new technology which functions like a library where you can store many books. This tool is designed almost like a book – just a thinner, sleeker one. It is best for wide readers who are always on the go.

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