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Discover your greatness

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You complain about your life a lot, right? But have you ever thought that you have a certain gift in you since you were born? You might be the greatest person who can bring positive changes to your life and to other people’s lives. But first, you have to discover what that gift is.

‘Discover Your Greatness’, written by Vaddhana P. Kol, is the perfect book that can guide you to the right path.

There are 101 lessons in the book which are categorised into six themes such as life, attitude, heart, relationship, decision and growth. In each chapter, the author always has a unique message to inspire readers to think in a positive and proactive way.

For the first theme, the author quotes Mae West, saying “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” And in the following lesson, he introduces the ways on how to “choose to live a life of positivity”.

In this lesson, the book triggers positive and negative people who have different insights and views to re-programme their minds and be objective. If you have been focusing on the negative aspects of life, he said, you are still capable of being optimistic.

The book gives two action steps that readers can easily follow: distance yourself from negative people because they drain your energy and limit your growth, and align yourself with positive people so that you will be able to grow with them.

In the same chapter about life, the book has 14 other lessons and plenty of inspiring messages to take into account. It is easy to understand. Some lessons tell readers not to take life neither seriously nor miserably, yet live life to the fullest. The author gives some examples of characteristics of people who take life too seriously and those who just go with the flow. By doing this, readers can examine their personalities and eventually find ways to be better people.

I got my first chance to read this book four years ago, yet I still love to read it over and over again. I always feel like I have a consultant who sits close to me. This book is really precious to people of all ages. The book may seem a little monotonous, but its insights are powerful and sharp.

However, one thing I’ve been hoping since the first day I owned the book is that it would have a Khmer version and be distributed to rural schools so non-English speakers will be able to absorb this priceless knowledge.


Vaddhana Pheng Kol is a survivor of the Khmer Rouge regime. In late 1989, he crossed the minefield for safety and to pursue his dream in reuniting with his family and studying in the United States.

Having been inspired by his father, Vaddhana was motivated to read and learn. He tried hard to get good education. Along with his persistence, self-confidence, and determination, Vaddhana ultimately achieved his goal by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Organisational Leadership from the National American University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

He currently teaches and trains Character Building and Leadership at the Pannasastra University of Cambodia.

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