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Love looks pretty on you

Nate Raj / Khmer Times No Comments Share:

Looking to revive your passion for words in the form of poetry and prose? Lang Leav brings forth her seventh title to life, exploring themes beyond love and heartbreak.

Departing just a little from her usual track of themes, Lang does what she does best – pouring her personal experiences into her work, creating pages of words hoping that her vulnerability will help connect her work to her readers. While her over-simplistic work has garnered both praises and criticisms in the past, I’m afraid Ms Lang missed the mark this time.

That’s not to say Love Looks Pretty On You is completely devoid of any good read. Her prose seems to strike the right chords as always. “House of Straws” and “Love Looks Pretty On You” successfully relay her intention. The prose itself was beautiful and her prose and poetry on misogyny was well done as well.

However, in comparison to her previous work, Sea Of Strangers, which held a special place among her readers, Lang’s latest venture falls short of the in-depth exploring of similar themes such as self-discovery and empowerment.

While I admire that Lang holds the themes of the book close to her, her poetry unfortunately this time lacks the emotional impact they usually have. Reading through the pages just felt like a meaningless breeze that was made up of random thoughts combined and turned into a book.

Halfway through the book, I had forgotten what the first ten pages were about. The lack of emotional impact translates into disappointment and her attempt in connecting with her readers comes off as random diary scribbles.

Lang might not like to identify herself with the tag “Instagram poet”; however coming up with two liners on a page and poems that doesn’t hold any depth to it only establishes her more and more as one. Fans of her past books might argue about the context but as someone who has re-read Memories and Lullabies countless times and fallen in love with them over and over again, I only experienced a void of emotion while going through Love Looks Pretty On You.

It’s an admirable attempt at exploring new directions, however Lang misses the mark at bringing back her trademark of excavating any buried emotions through her words.

Rating: 2.5/5
Author: Lang Leav
Publication: Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2019

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