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Unleashing economic potential key to winning protracted trade war

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The intensifying trade war between China and the US reminds us of the Korean War. The war lasted over three years, and in the later two years of fighting and talking, our persistence on the battlefield and the continuing gains eventually forced the Americans to bow their heads at the negotiating table.

Looking at the current arrogance of the American elites toward a strategic crackdown on China, it’s clear that we face a long and almost determined and protracted war regardless of the progress of the trade talks. Regardless of whether a trade deal is signed or not, this game is inevitable.

We must carry forward the spirit of the battle on Shangganling Mountain. A trade war is a great game in which we need to create and unleash our vitality while maintaining our position and crush the will of the other side with China’s growing economic strength.

The US side can win the trade war in two ways. First, by forcing China to make comprehensive compromises and even cede some of its economic sovereignty to the US. Second, by making China’s economy suffer huge damage after an extended trade confrontation. The US, though also paying some price, manages to curb China’s development and reverse China’s national destiny. The undaunted spirit of the Chinese has made it impossible for Washington to crush China in a blitz. Next, we will destroy the second plan of the US, and this will be a tug-of-war. The strength China accumulated over the past 40 years of reform and opening-up has given us the capital to combine fighting with development.

China will be committed to the overall prosperity of its economic and social life. This is the lifeline for us to win the protracted trade war. There is a need for constant scrutiny and judgment everywhere, in all walks of life: Is our economic and social life rising or falling? Have the various rules and regulations fallen or risen? Is our long-term growth capacity expanding or shrinking?

The most powerful weapon against American arrogance is China’s emergence from the economic downturn and achieve strong development.

Just imagine if China’s economy quickly bottom out, will the US dare go on a full scale tariff war with China?

China is capable of making its economy bigger, stronger and more dynamic. As long as we deepen reforms and eliminate institutional obstacles to economic development, our potential is unlimited. In addition, we have the leadership of the Party, the country is mobilized, and a large number of reform measures can take effect quickly.

The key lies in the need to further recognize the urgency of economic work, which is closely linked to trade war, social confidence, and the initiative of all work.

It must be said that there are still many restrictions and regulations stunting economic development in various localities. The thinking of some officials has not kept pace with the major changes, and they have not realized how to encourage and support public confidence.

We have undergone arduous adjustments and made great achievements. China is more politically cohesive and its working system is cleaner.

It is time to unleash our amazing energy once again and let the world know what a socialist China with 1.4 billion people is.

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