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Royal Railway takes extra measures for a smooth ride

John Guiry / Khmer Times Share:

In 2009 the Royal Government of Cambodia signed a Concession agreement with Toll from Australia the biggest Logistics company in Australia at the time to be the Operator and Maintainer of the North and South Line

Soon after Toll signed it joined with Neat Oknha Kith Meng the Chairman of the Royal Group as a partner Royal Group which is a large private Company in Cambodia and is involved in everything from Hydro Power to Television stations to Celcard and Ezycom just to name a few. The Rehabi-litation started with a French Company TSO winning the Rehabilitation work on the North and South Lines this started in 2009 as well

Unfortunately, by 2012 some 3 years later only part of the south Line was completed and none of the Northern line finished

John Guiry arrived in Cambodia 2010 and was the Chief Operations Officer

in his past he was in charge of Train Operations in Australia working for the Government, the Americans and when sold back to the Australians in some of the companies they operated passenger and freight trains around 2000 per week with a high on time rating the motto was “on time all the time” for Passenger trains

Some of Johns main task in Cambodia was to fix Railway lines that was not part of the TSO brief, get the workshops working and fix the locomotives and wagons which were in a bad state of repair and set up a Train Control System for Train Operations

in 2010 Royal Railways started a cement train service to Touk Mears southern line, the southern Railway line was still not complete

Eventually in 2013 the south line was open to railway traffic all the way to Sihanoukville

The Southern line business started to grow from 2013 with container Trains, Fuel Trains, Cement Trains and Coal Trains and is still growing today

in 2014 Passenger Trains started to Sihanoukville carrying moto’s and Motor Cars as well as passengers, most trains were nearly or full

later that year in 2014 John was appointed the CEO of the Railway by Oknha Kith Meng who now was the 100% owner of the Royal Railway concession having bought out Toll

in 2018 the Prime Minister asked Oknha Kith Meng to arrange for the Royal Railway to build a section of track to the International Airport and operate an Airport Shuttle,

Royal Railway also ordered 3 new trains to run the service in 2018

in February 2019 the new trains arrived and started on the service, it runs every 30 minutes from the Central Railway Station to and from the Airport

The Senior Minister for Transport MPWT also wanted the Northern line finished in 2018 to provide a service to the People of Cambodia

On time and as per schedule opened the Northern line to Railway Traffic on July the 4th 2018

later in 2019 the Government of Cambodia in cooperation with the Government of Thailand opened the cross boarder section between the two countries with the two Prime Ministers riding together on a train from Thailand to Cambodia to Poi Pet station to celebrate this historic event

Railway Safety is a number one factor

The people of Cambodia had to get used to trains operating on the South and Northern lines as the in some case had not seen a rain in 5 up to 45 years

the trains they had seen were small 5 to 10 wagon size trains operating at 15 kph

Now they are 25 wagons up to 83 wagons size trains and operate up to 70 kph on the South line and 60 kph on some sections of the Northern line. Both Passenger and freight trains operate on both lines. Today it is not uncommon to find 45 trains per day being operated mostly freight trains

every 3 weeks a trolley with 4 people on board will travel along the railway warning people about the danger of the Railway and handing out safety pamphlets

This has reduced the number of near misses and accidents

3 videos have been done and are shown on the TV prior to the holiday season to warn again about the Railway as some people today still have not seen a train mainly because they live in Provinces where there is no Railway

The trains that Royal Railway operate have vigilance controls systems that ensure the Train Driver is not asleep or in some way incapacitated

if the Driver does not answer the Vigilance control alarm the train will stop automatically

Train Control

all trains must have an authority from Train Control to move

all trains are GPS tracked and most of the Railway is under 24-hour surveillance by camera most trains carry a Military Police Officer as well.

Railway continues to Grow

Oknha Kith Meng has invested in 10 Locomotives and more wagons that will be in Cambodia 1st week of June 2019. This is to allow the growth of the Railway to Continue

business has been quick to see the benefits of the Railway in moving heavy and large volumes of freight.

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