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Global Hotel Giant – WYNDHAM Hotels & Resorts Entrance Long Bay Dara Sakor Officially


Global Hotel Giant – WYNDHAM Hotels & Resorts Entrance Long Bay Dara Sakor Officially
Strategic Cooperation Reach Between ZhengHeng (Cambodia) Co., Ltd and TRF VACATION CLUB

The Signing Ceremony held in the ZhengHeng’s HQ between ZhengHeng (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, the leader of Long Bay Dara Sakor Holiday and Resort Project, which is the model of Sino-Cambodia Economy Cooperation and the key demonstration project of “Belt and Road” and TRF VACATION CLUB. The signing ceremony officially started a new chapter of win-win cooperation between the two parties.

Director of ZhengHeng(Cambodia) Co., Ltd, Mr. Deng Pi Bing and the General Manager of TRF VACATION CLUB, Mr. Cai Sheng Jia attended the signing ceremony for signing the contract and witnessed the global hotel giant,WYNDHAM, moved into Long Bay Dara Sakor and the reach of strategic cooperation between ZhengHeng (Cambodia) Co., Ltd and TRF VACATION CLUB together with dozens of Medias.

Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand, We Will Create the New Glory of Long Bay Dara Sakor Together

The HQ of the globe hotel giant, WYNDHAM Hotels Group is in Pacipani, New Jersey, USA. It currently operates 15 brands in 68 countries on six continents, with nearly 7,440 hotels and more than 638,300 rooms, which make it the largest and most diversified Hotel Group in the world.

WYNDHAM Hotels Group is one of the three major subsidiaries of Windham Global Corporation (NYSE Code: WYN) which has been separated as a hotel franchise already and listed independently on the New York Stock Exchange in June 2018 by its executives. (NYSE Code: WH)
Offices of WYNDHAM Hotel Group have been established in key countries and cities globally, included London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and New Diehl with over 6,000 employees. Brands under it includes Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, the world famous high end hotel brand, with the same name as the group, and those well-known comfort hotel, Ramada, Days Inn, Super 8 and Howard Johnson together to provide diversified hotel selection and excellent value-for-money service for different consumer groups.

The entrance of WYNDHAM Hotels & Resorts will offer world class hospitality experience in Long Bay Dara Sakor to attract more investors, businessmen, residents and elder who look for a great environment for senior living. In addition to offer people different luxury enjoyment by creating much valuable experience of Accommodation, catering, art, life and business and lead to the improvement of praise and reputation ratio for the project.

Coastal Cultural

Create New Destination for World Class Coastal Cultural-Oriented Tourism through Powerful combination and Precise Benchmarking

Long Bay Dara Sakor Costal Cultural Oriented Tourism and Resort Project is a new development model of cultural oriented tourism and resort that drives tourism business on the basis of industry, which is created by ZhengHeng (Cambodia) Co., Ltd in Southeast Asia.

Dara Sakor coastal

The project is located in the core of Dara Sakor tourism and resort with the total area of 200 hectares. It is surrounding by the mountain and sea and own 1.9 kilometers high-quality coast line. With 8 major functional areas: Intelligent Industrial Park, Commercial Street, Cultural-Orientation Travel Area, Sea View Apartment, Villa Resort, Yacht Harbor Resort, Coastal Leisure Resort Hotel Area and Jinghai Bath that aim to create the new destination for world class cultural-oriented tourism and resort.


55 Hectares phase I Intelligent Industrial Park is divided into 7 phases and will develop within 3 years to form a high-end and mature community for the accommodation of 50,000 people which planed to absorb 80,000 people in five years in industry and tourism to guarantee the simultaneous development of industry and tourism.


With the new development model of cultural oriented tourism and resort, Long Bay Dara Sakor project is meeting the new demand of costal cultural oriented tourism and resort by drives tourism business on the basis of industry and win the highly recognized and expected of Prime Minister Hun Sen and it has also been affirmed by counterparts and people from all walks of life. ZhengHeng (Cambodia) Co., Ltd keep bringing new energy constantly by the cooperation with other enterprises actively. The powerful combination with TRF VACATION CLUB will further improve the cultural oriented tourism attribute of the project and creating a unique coastal holiday experience to increase up the life quality of project staff and tourists and bring unprecedented leapfrog development to the project.


Together We Share Honor and Mutual Winning to Write the Infinite Future of Costal Cultural Oriented Tourism

TRF VACATION CLUB is mainly for the introduction and operation of world class hotel brand, the development of resort hotel brand and resort products, which also includes businesses such as culture promotion of tropical rainforest lifestyle concept collection space hotel, integration and development of tropical rainforest coffee industry chain and school for hotel management of tropical rainforest to provide diversified hotel selection and excellent money-for-value service according to different need of customers.

WYNDHAM Hotels & Resorts is the first international hotel brand which is introduced by TRF VACATION CLUB and there is more international high end hotels are coming soon such as Marriott, Intercontinental, Banyan Tree together to create a new unique costal cultural oriented tourism experience in this beautiful land and bring infinite expectation for Long Bay Dara Sakor.

Long Bay Dara Sakor Cultural Oriented Tourism and Resort Area will definitely become an outstanding project with international vision and attract the attention of global profession, industry and cultural oriented tourism business by the powerful combination of ZhengHeng (Cambodia) Co., Ltd and TRF VACATION CLUB. We will continue to write the infinite glory of world-class coastal cultural oriented tourism and resort new destination with a high value that other people cannot reach in the future and start a new era of investment and cultural oriented tourism in Southeast Asia!

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