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Protest over company’s failure to deliver on land purchases

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
Customers protest at the company’s office yesterday. Supplied

People who bought plots of land from the 7NG Company yesterday gathered in front of the company’s office in Kandal province’s Khsach Kandal district to demand their land after it failed to fulfil its promise.

They said that they bought the plots of land through an instalment plan, but the company has yet to distribute what they paid for.

Ney Chantra, 56, said his family bought eight plots of land in 2007. Mr Chantra said he received an ownership transfer letter more than two years ago, but the company has not provided his family’s land.

“According to the contract, customers must pay the whole amount, then the land will be provided immediately,” Mr Chantra said. “But we have already paid the full amount and we only got the letter of ownership transfer after five months.”

“We have not yet received our plots of land,” he added. “The company has broken contractual conditions.”

Mr Chantra said he is not alone, and protestors want what they already paid for.

“We are protesting because we want the company to resolve this and give us what we paid for,” he said. “The company can resolve this for those who are still paying instalments later.”

“The important thing is that they give plots of land to those who have already completed their instalment plan,” Mr Chantra added.

Pech Cheata, another customer, said she purchased five plots of land at about $1,900 each through an instalment plan 10 years ago.

“The company said they had land to give, but I have been waiting for three years and I still do not have it,” Mr Cheata said. “I don’t know when I can receive land. We are here to protest and demand our plots of land that we bought.”

Srey Sothea, director of 7NG Group, yesterday issued a letter saying that it will soon begin distributing plots of land to customers.

Mr Sothea said the distribution will be based on the ownership transfer letter and other documents to confirm the purchase.

“If the company does not have the land to offer to customers, the company will refund the money in accordance with the market price determined,” he said in the letter.

Mr Sothea also told reporters yesterday that the company will distribute land to 100 people who have paid in full on Monday.

“If a customer has paid the full amount, the company will immediately sign the letter of ownership transfer – or 10 days from then, or one or two months at most, because the company has to manage the area’s infrastructure and develop the area,” he said.

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