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Va Sonyka / Khmer Times Share:
Pros Nix, creative director at Kouprey Creative Solutions, has seen a new trend develop among Cambodians of investing in company logos and branding. Supplied

Among the countless company logos and brands you encounter in the course of your daily life, at least a few are bound to be the design creations of Pros Nix, creative director of Kouprey Creative Solutions.

Mr. Nix has worked as a designer for about seven years, both locally and internationally. Last year he was invited to share his experiences as a designer at an event held as part of the Young Artist program at K.E Café and Lounge.

“In the past two years, my design work has improved, compared to when I started. There are many talented designers working now, but some of them are more interested in the work as art, rather than as a commercial activity,” the 25-year-old said.

In his designs, Mr. Nix thinks extensively about international standards while also trying to preserve a Cambodian flavor.

He uses both Cambodian and Western design elements when creating company logos and branding. Applying Cambodian designs is a way of showing his pride in Khmer culture, while incorporating Western designs helps bring Cambodian design to international attention, he said.

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