SIAM KUBOTA Corporation launches KUBOTA Leasing (Cambodia) in its foray into ASEAN’s farming machinery leasing market

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SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. is leaping into the agricultural machinery leasing market in Cambodia by launching KUBOTA Leasing (Cambodia) Plc. with $18 million registered capital. To set itself apart, the new company offers low interest rates, various installment plans, and quick lease approvals without any hidden fees or charges. With unparalleled insights into the needs of Cambodian farmers, KUBOTA Leasing (Cambodia) Plc. aims to become Cambodia’s leader in farming machinery leasing.

Mr. Piyachart Srimarut, President of KUBOTA Leasing (Cambodia) Plc., said as Cambodian farmers’ response to the launch of modern farm machinery of SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd., , in 2014 was overwhelmingly positive, KUBOTA began studying the feasibility of establishing a leasing company in Cambodia to operate alongside, modeled on the roaring success of Siam Kubota Leasing Co. Ltd., which had given a major boost to the sales of innovative agricultural machinery in Thailand.


This year, SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. has officially launched KUBOTA Leasing (Cambodia) Plc. with registered capital of $18 million to provide leasing services for KUBOTA’s innovative farming machinery. The new company was granted a license from the National Bank of Cambodia and started operation on August 8, 2018. The company is 100% owned by SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd., with further investments planned to keep up with the sales growth of KUBOTA products in Cambodia.

KUBOTA Leasing (Cambodia) Plc. offers leasing services in support of KUBOTA’s agricultural machinery sales, with the aim of facilitating ownership of innovative farming machinery among Cambodian farmers. The highlights of its services include low interest rates and various installment plans for all income ranges, all offered without any hidden service fees or charges, demonstrating its fairness and sincerity. Setting itself apart with fast lease approvals and deep insights into the needs of Cambodian farmers, the company hopes to put itself in the forefront of Cambodia’s farming machinery leasing business and expects to achieve good operating results, stability, and sustainable growth.


(The management of the company is mostly overseen by local employees, many of whom have been sent to Thailand to attend training sessions and site visits at Siam Kubota Leasing to improve their efficiency and capacity as service providers. Capable and experienced employees from Thailand have also been transferred to Cambodia to assure customers that the leasing services offered in Cambodia are in accordance with the objectives and standard as of Siam Kubota Leasing Co., Ltd. What the company offers is financial leases. Under a financial lease, a down payment is made up front and the remaining amount due is paid in installments as specified in the agreement. An advantage of this type of lease is that the lessee does not have to take the time to raise cash or other collaterals, such as land, to apply for it. As long as the lessee can make a down payment and demonstrate the ability to repay, the company can immediately approve a lease, allowing the lessee to obtain farming machinery for their operation with greater ease and convenience.)

KUBOTA Leasing (Cambodia) Plc. is celebrating its official launch with special promotions throughout this April. For tractors with implements, a down payment starts at only 30%, with a minimum interest rate of 1% and Monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-annually installment plans spread over a maximum of four years. For combine harvesters, a down payment starts at 50%, with a minimum interest rate of 1% and Monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-annually installment plans spread over a maximum of two years.

KUBOTA Leasing (Cambodia) Plc. is currently headquartered in Phnom Penh but has plans to open up more locations upcountry to expand its service areas. You can now request leasing services at any of the 24 KUBOTA dealerships nationwide or at telephone number 023-901-745


For additional information:

Siam Kubota Corporation Co, Ltd.: Ratchawan Theeranoraset Email: [email protected]


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