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Norma Kamnot

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Let’s say you do not really believe about past life because it doesn’t seem to make sense to you. But what if one day, you dream of your past life and see your beloved man die for you? What if that man is also present in your current life? Would you choose to tell him that he was part of your past life, or would you choose to give up whatever emotion that has suddenly sprung up because you discover that his present life is in no way connected to yours?

Mao Samnang’s ‘Norna Kamnot’ is a story of life, love and everything in between. Ms Samnang, one of the Kingdom’s greatest novelists, pens a story that stirs our belief in destiny.

Rangsey, the main character, gets captivated to buy an old necklace. The seller tells her that the necklace has a complicated story behind it and that it’s just waiting to be bought by the right person. Intrigued by the vibe she’s getting from the accessory, Rangsey buys it. But ever since she brought it home, she keeps getting weird dreams about her past life.

In her dreams, Rangsey is named Sonya, a silk weaver for a wealthy family. Though the rich man is already married, he still forces Sonya to marry him. Sonya, however, is already engaged with a man named Veayo, who also works in the same house.

After having this dream, Rangsey goes back to ask Nita and tells her that her grandmother has a diary that tells the same story of Veayo. Rangsey shares that Veayo dies on the wedding day of Sonya and the wealthy man, as he feels betrayed by the love of his life. When Sonya discovers Veayo’s death, she jumps off the water and promises to see Veayo in their next lives.

Rangsey doesn’t believe that everything is just in her imagination. She knows that Sonya has a connection to her present life.

Because of her dreams and the necklace, Rangsey forms a deep friendship with Nita. She goes to Nita’s house to visit, which then leads her to meeting the present-day Veayo. He is now named Veha, Nita’s brother.

Still confused with how her life has unfolded since she bought the necklace, Rangsey tries to approach Veha and see if, in some ways, he recognises her from their past lives. But things get trickier when Veha starts to get irritated by Rangsey’s acts. He tells his sister to keep Rangsey out of their lives.

Rangsey then discovers that Veha is about to get married. She knows she’s about to lose the love of her life for the second time, and the pain she’s feeling gets worse every single day.

Will she fight for Veha’s love? Or, will she let Veha have a happy life without her?

Discover Rangsey’s love story and see whether meeting Veha is part of her fate or not in ‘Norna Kamnot’. The book is available at the Scholar Library.



Mao Samnang – also known as “Tunsay” (Rabbit) – is a veteran novelist who has already spent 39 years of her life in promoting Cambodian literature. Born in 1959, Samnang has written more than 100 novels, mostly with romantic and investigative themes. Most of her story timelines are based on the social happenings in 1970s.

Aside from writing novels, Samnang is also a scriptwriter for television dramas and films.

Samnang took a long rest from writing novels for about 10 years due to serious stomach illness.

She came back to the literary scene with the significant release of ‘Brolom Chet’ in 2018.


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