Six gins, six countries at Raffles’ Gin World Tour

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A gin-based cocktail served at Elephant Bar in Raffles Hotel Le Royal. Supplied

Raffles Hotel Le Royal played host to tens of gin enthusiasts last week for the inaugural ‘Gin World Tour’, where six mixologists with six gins from six different countries presented their takes on the classic spirit.

Each mixologist prepared two types of gin-based cocktails using their own gin of choice which reflected the gin’s country of origin.

The ‘Tour’ featured Sabatini Gin from Italy, the Bitter Truth Pink Gin from Germany, Four Pillars Gin from Australia and G’Vine from France.

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Cambodia’s own Seekers Gin also stole the limelight on the night. It was made available in two variations: the classic gin and tonic style and the Mekong Basil Smash featuring lime, sugar and Khmer basil.

The event also featured Tarsier Gin, a spirit that was inspired by a backpacking trip across Southeast Asia. It labelled the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand as its countries of origin, and was creatively paired with Mahiki Rum Coconut Liquer and Cointreau in a cocktail named Asian Trade Winds.

Raffles Director of Food & Beverages Thomas Bianco said the culinary team at Raffles Hotel Le Royal also crafted mouth-watering tapas using some ingredient from the gin’s recipes, as a food pairing.

“Each of the tapas were made from some botanicals used in the gins itself. Our team scanned through the recipes of each gin and based on that, we crafted the pairings. For instance, we know that nothing complements an Italian gin more than a perfect plate of pasta,” he said.

Other tapas featured include Maraschino Almond Brulée flamed a la minute, stir-fried chicken and Khmer basil in pandan basket, Vermouth pickled Norwegian salmon with Pomelo sour cream, chocolate ganache tartlet and ginger ice cream and Filipino pork curry with steamed ibis organic rice.

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For $60 nett, guests were able to enjoy free-flow drinks and food. They also had the option to sample only their cocktail and tapas of choice for $6 per drink and plate. From 7pm to 10pm on Friday, guests were also entertained by resident DJ Neil Warrington at Café Monivong. All gins featured during the ‘Tour’ are available at the Elephant Bar in Raffles Hotel Le Royal.

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