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More global brands join in Alibaba’s IP alliance

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SHANGHAI (Xinhua) – Over 130 brands have joined in China e-commerce giant Alibaba’s anti-counterfeiting alliance, with the latest entries made by multinationals like Dyson and Coach, according to the company.

The members of the Alibaba Anti-counterfeiting Alliance (AACA) include brands from 16 countries and regions around the world.

The alliance had helped in the closure of 524 production rackets, capture of 1,227 suspects and seizure of fakes valued at 3.6 billion yuan ($535 million) in 2018.

Zheng Junfang, chief platform governance officer of Alibaba, said the e-commerce giant has been intensifying its anti-counterfeiting efforts in recent years.

Formed in 2017, AACA aims to improve the protection of intellectual property rights on Alibaba’s platforms and create a healthy environment for online purchases.

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