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Is your wardrobe ready for summer?

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Summer is here and it’s time to pick your favourite casual outfits for your daily #OOTD. Va Sonyka gets tips from local fashion blogger, Touch Srey Sophea, on casual but elegant outfits you can wear under the blazing heat of the summer sun.

Sophea, a certified stylist, points out that because summer is a “sweat” season, one should avoid wearing black clothes. She says, “wearing black will easily get you burned by the sunshine”. Instead, people should wear “bright-coloured fabric during summer season to fit with the beautiful sunlight”. She recommends some colours for summer: white, grey, light yellow, light pink, light blue and other light colours that will fit one’s skin tone.

Take a look at these five elegant casual outfit ideas:

Butter V-Neck Yellow Jumpsuit

Sophea says that summer is a season to wear light colours to make you feel fresh just like your outfit. Her sleeveless wide leg jumpsuit always make her feel fresh because of its loose design. She pairs her jumpsuit with a small black belt to show off her curves. The belt should be as small as possible, never the medium or large belts. “You can wear jumpsuit without a belt, but to make it more fashionable, you need to know how to add the right accessories to decorate your outfit,” she says. By just adding the right belt, you can also wear this jumpsuit to your office or just add an office jacket in case you have to go to an informal meeting. This jumpsuit has below knee length, which is suitable for tall women from 160cm up.

White Spaghetti-Strap Blouse & Sky Blue Pants

If you’re a busy bee during summer – reunions, shopping, informal meet-ups – let yourself still look fab and chic. Wearing spaghetti-strap blouse is a perfect choice to feel and look relaxed. Sophea chooses white-coloured blouse tuck into her high-waist harem pants to make her look more mature. Her bow tie trousers with pockets and its colour is a new trend in causal fashion. The idea behind wearing loose trousers is to avoid feeling “suffocated” during a hot day. However, “when you already wear small strap shirt, you should not wear short pants with the same outfit for casual style,” she warns. This set is best for women who are 155cm to 165cm tall.

Long Sleeved Powder Blue Dress

Looking for an outfit that you can wear for both office and dinner? A comfortable long sleeved and loose dress is the right pick. Sophea chooses powder blue dress with a simple design when she needs to attend her work and go to an evening event. “The colour of this dress is kind of light and the design itself is simple but elegant, good to wear for a meeting with clients,” she explains. You can wear this dress to a cocktail party after work by just adding a long necklace to make it look more fashionable and party-appropriate. This knee length dress is good for both tall and short women.

Sleeveless White Shirt & Blue Short Pants

Weekend should be a day to show off your nice legs. Sophea picks a sleeveless white shirt tuck in her blue short pants for her coffee time with friends and for picnic time with her family. She adds a blue necklace which is the same colour as her pants to look more fab. “Even though the pants is short but the simple design makes it chic and elegant,” she says. Both shirt and pants are loose which is suitable for all type of women.

Daffodil Yellow Draped Skirt & Sleeveless White Shirt

Aside from designs, a clothing’s pattern is also an important consideration in fashion. Flower patterns are a common favourite. If you don’t like wearing the same pattern every day, a light flower pattern is a great option. Sophea chooses to wear a kind of draped skirt with daffodil yellow colour paired white sleeveless shirt to make her feel fresh and reduce the sweat when it becomes too hot. “You can use this kind of style if you want to look more gentle,” she says. She uses this set for her shopping and coffee time. However, because the skirt is just below the knee, it looks better on tall women.



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