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Coffee & novel lovers’ haven

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Sipping good coffee in a cosy environment with your favourite book in one hand sounds so ideal, but never impossible. Just a five-minute drive from the Russian Market, you’ll spot a new building that’s elegantly designed and is now ready to offer you your best-loved latte and romance novel. Folks, welcome to Pen Café and Slanh Seavphov Bookstore.

Slanh Seavphov

Did you know that the Slanh Seavphov Bookstore of star writer Mong Manith has been moved to a new and better location to make it easier for readers to find their favourite books? Slanh Seavphov, which means “love the book” in Khmer, is now located in a new building in Toul Tom Pong neighbourhood.

Manith said the new bookstore will make the readers feel more comfortable and relaxed. A myriad of Khmer novels are neatly displayed on tables and shelves, making it easy for every visitor and reader to find the book they’re looking for. Manith, who designed the store by himself, used books to decorate the whole store to push forth creativity and inspiration among its guests.

Asked how to find novel tittles quickly, Manith said that there is an ever-ready book assistant to help customers. The assistant, who is also a self-confessed book lover, has been trained to categorise and to properly handle books and reading materials.

All books inside Slanh Seavphov are categorised according to genres – from the best selling to the new releases. And everyone’s welcome to visit the store and pick a book of their choice – but be warned that there are too plenty of choices you might end up buying more. Manith’s bookstore contains Khmer novels, as well as motivational and educational books written by talented Khmer writers. Of course, Manith’s well-loved literary pieces are also up for grab.

“We sell not only my books but also the books from other writers. I always want to make sure that the books here in my store are good for young people to read,” said Manith.

Slanh Seavphov also has some special bookmarks, pens, reading glasses, and school accessories in case you’re in need of one.

To mark the first anniversary of Slanh Seavphov Bookstore on March 28, Manith said he will release a new novel. “It is a special edition of ‘The Lake House 2010’ which will be released with only 5000 copies. This new novel will be available at Slanh Seavphov Bookstore only.”

Are we ready for another masterpiece from Mong Manith? Double yes!

Pen Café

You know what goes well with a book? A cup of coffee!

And Manith’s ready to serve you with good coffee, too.

Located in the same building, Manith has also opened Pen Café, the sister company of Slanh Seavphov. The coffee shop is also designed by Manith himself.

As a writer and reader, he understands that coffee and book lovers would love to sit in a clean and clear place with enough natural light for their reading time. The business idea of Manith is centered on making the building a homey space, where people can read and sip coffee.

Pen Cafe is just at the ground floor, under Slanh Seavphov, making it easily accessible for every coffee lover. The building also has a parking space for motorbikes and cars. The café design also makes it a good venue for business meetings or group projects. There’s enough space between tables so customers can discuss things privately.

Aside from coffee, the shop also provides food and baked goods from an experienced cook.

Visit Slanh Seavphov and Pen Café at #102&104, Street 430, Sangkat Toul Tum Pong 2, Khan Chamkarmon, and let it be your new haven for good literature and tasty latte.

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