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One Billion Dollars! China Yunnan Investment Group Hit a New Record for Foreign Bond Issuance Scale

The Project of the new Siem Reap International Airport invested by Yun Nan Investment Group

Recently, China Yunnan Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yunnan Investment Group”) successfully issued $600-million foreign bonds and $400-million domestic non-public directional debt financing instruments on the same day, raising more than $1 billion in total. It hit a new record for foreign bond issuance scale among companies of Yunnan Province, and the bonds issued have become the investment-grade bonds whose final issuance price has the largest guidance one-off narrowing range compared to the initial price in the Asian market recently.

According to relevant information, in 2018, Yunnan Investment Group had achieved the total assets of RMB 304.278 billion Yuan, operating revenue of RMB 109.292 billion Yuan and total profit of RMB 1.239 billion Yuan. Yunnan Investment Group had extraordinary performance in various main indicators in 2018, with the total assets, liabilities, net assets, operating revenue and profits increasing by 18.3%, 17.5%, 19.9%, 22.1% and 5.63% respectively, asset-liability ratio decreasing to 67.37% by 0.45%, and the mixed ownership reform rate of its subordinate holding companies increasing to over 70% (seeing an increase by 5%). Stable and sustainable development of various indicators has received more solid support.

Yun Nan Investment Group Headquarters
Yun Nan Investment Group Headquarters

Yunnan Investment Group is a comprehensive investment holding company with the largest asset scale currently in Yunnan Province. It has employed totally 18,000 employees. Yunnan Investment Group has been listed in the 185th place during the evaluation of “Top 500 Companies in China 2018”. At present, Yunnan Investment Group is engaged in fields in respect of finance, information, big healthcare, energy, railway, poverty reduction, cultural tourism and modern agriculture and forestry.

As the largest shareholder of Fudian Bank, the second largest shareholder of Hongta Securities and the fourth largest shareholder of BOCI Securities, as well as the vice president company of the National Investment Committee of China Investment Association, president company of Yunnan Investment Association and president company of Yunnan Equity Investment Fund Association, Yunnan Investment Group has received AAA credit rating domestically and BBB+ credit rating internationally – the best credit level among state-owned companies of Yunnan Province.

As the largest comprehensive investment companies and industrial investment & financing platform in Yunnan Province, Yunnan Investment Group proactively integrates into the “Belt and Road” Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping, and actively expands the international opening and cooperation platform of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. Up to now, it has participated in investment and construction of several significant international projects such as Angkor International Airport and Airport Economic Development Zone in Cambodia, and Sino-Lao Railway.

Yunnan Investment Group signed the BOT Agreement on Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport with the Government of Cambodia in October 2016, under the witness of President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Hun Sen. At present, the Project is progressing steadily. Prime Minister Hun Sen spoke highly of Yunnan Investment Group for its decision and action to support and invest in Cambodia and extended his gratitude for the efforts made by Yunnan Investment Group in project construction in Cambodia when he met the delegation led by Mr. Sun Yun, the President of Yunnan Investment Group in his residence in 2017. In addition, Prime Minister Hun Sen also expressed his warm welcome to Yunnan Investment Group to launch more tourism, agricultural and railway investment in Cambodia. In order to give a full play to the radiation and leading effect of the hub airport and better promote the local economic development, In the meantime, Yunnan Investment Group will make use of the comprehensive development land around the airport to establish an airport industrial park, so as to create an ecological agricultural product processing base and high-end production & manufacture base, and promote the economic development of Cambodia.

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