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Ministry alerts factories on hot season risks

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Workers must take precaution during dry season. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Labour Minister Ith Samheng has reminded workers to take care of their health, adding that factory owners must monitor the heat in the workplace during the dry season.

Mr Samheng said on Tuesday that the dry season makes workplaces short of oxygen.

High temperatures coupled with the smell of raw materials in the factory could affect workers’ health, he added.

“We observed that during the rainy season or cold season we had fewer fainting workers, but in the hot season the workers often fainted,” he said. “However, we try to solve the issue with the factory smoothly and released an announcement last month to advise employers nationwide to keep an eye on the weather.”

Last month, Mr Samheng wrote to all businesses, especially garment and footwear factories, instructing them to stock up enough water to satisfy their enterprises’ needs.

“The factories have to provide enough clean water to workers, and they must install equipment for measuring the temperature at the workplace,” he said. “Open all doors and windows or add more fans in production areas. Install sprinklers on rooftops that spray at least twice a day to reduce the heat.”

Mr Samheng said factories must ensure that ventilation in production facilities is turned on at least one hour before workers start their shift.

“The ministry strongly hopes that the owners and employers of the enterprises will effectively apply the suggested measures.” he said.

Kaing Monika, deputy secretary general of the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia, said yesterday that its members always kept alert and maintained vocational health and safety standards which complied with the law for workers as a precaution against problems in the hot season.

“It is part of vocational health and safety requirements which exist in Cambodian law and international practice,” Mr Monika said.

“Most of the factories have been trained in this health and safety area because this is part of labour and occupational safety and health compliance,” he added.

“It is also under strict inspection by the Ministry of Labour and audit by Better Factories Cambodia,” he said.

“Some factories are additionally under audits by their respective buyers. However, it is important to remind people to pay more attention to the subject matter during any particular period of time, especially the hot season.”

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