Embassy of Malaysia celebrates Chinese New Year

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The Chinese New Year celebration organised by the Embassy of Malaysia wasn’t just about food and merriment; it’s also about friendship and unity among Malaysian expats in the Kingdom. KT/Raquel Bacay

The celebrations haven’t ended yet as the Embassy of Malaysia in Phnom Penh gathered Malaysian expatriates and guests for a vibrant and meaningful Chinese New Year revelry at the weekend, writes Anith Adilah Othman.

The Malaysian Embassy in Phnom Penh welcomed approximately 300 guests to its annual Chinese New Year celebration, which was held in the festively decorated main hall, on Saturday, Feb. 23.

The embassy’s charge d’affaires, Mr Ruzaimi Mohamad, welcomed the guests with a short but sweet speech before announcing the arrival of the new ambassador in March.

“We will be getting a new ambassador soon, Mr Eldeen Husaini Mohd Hashim. He will only join us in a month or so. He couldn’t be here today, but be sends his regards to all Malaysians.

“It has been the embassy’s tradition to celebrate the festive seasons together with fellow Malaysians – like a big family. We hope you enjoy the food and have a good time.”

At the event, guests were treated to a feast of Malaysian classics including satay, laksa, chicken rice, and an array of traditional desserts such as karipap, kuih bakar, ketayap and kuih batik. Signature Malaysian drinks, teh tarik, and sirap ice were also served, much to the guests’ delight.

Mr Ruzaimi Mohamad, charge d’affaires of the Embassy of Malaysia.

Sarawakian David Liu, 27 year-old, who has been working as a teacher in Cambodia for nine months, said that he was very grateful for the opportunity to meet fellow Malaysians in a land a thousand miles from home.

“It was my first time attending an embassy event. I am just so happy to have met fellow Malaysians here and make new friends. The food was delicious, especially the satay. It is comforting to have a taste of home after such a long time,” he told Khmer Times.

True to the spirit of Chinese New Year, guests were entertained with a roaring Chinese drum performance, followed by a traditional lion dance. The merriment continued with a Filipino duo’s musical performance, and a magic show that kept guests on the edges their seats.

Following tradition, the embassy’s charge d’affaires, and other officials, handed out money packets, known as angpao, to the attending children.

Some lucky guests left the jubilant three-hour event with their draw prizes such as vouchers and electrical appliances.

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