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What happens next after you have purchased your brand new vehicle apart from keeping it clean? As the owner, you also have to ensure it is ‘healthy’ on the inside. So, what do we mean by being healthy?

The Answer: Service Maintenance

DID YOU KNOW… if you send your vehicle for regular service, your vehicle will continue to run smoothly and continue to be fuel efficient; if not, your vehicle will risk breaking down and incur heavy and expensive repair in the long term. Therefore, kindly refer to your Nissan maintenance service book for your regular schedule.

Here are 5 important reasons why you should get regular maintenance done.

1. Regular service is important with Nissan diagnostic tools

Nissan / Tan Chong Motor always stresses on regular schedule service because when you bring your vehicle for servicing Nissan qualified service technicians may be able to detect minor issues with Nissan Diagnostic tools; which may prevent major issues later on.

2. Regular service is important to keep your warranty in force

Manufacturers can deny warranty claims if your vehicle is not properly maintained. Not sending your vehicle for regular servicing that can cause your vehicle to underperform or resulting in unwanted breakdown or damages which will not only cause you a lot of unnecessary repair works and expensive repair cost, but you will also not be able to claim any warranty (even when your vehicle is still within the warranty period offered by the distributor).

3. Periodically serviced cars have higher resale value

After some years, some owners would want to upgrade their vehicles. Therefore, regular service maintenance plays an important role when you decide to re-sell your vehicle. People buying second-hand vehicles will definitely inspect the vehicle thoroughly before buying and if your vehicle is in tip-top condition compared to others, then it is possible to have a higher resale value because your service book will show that your vehicle is very well maintained.

4. Periodic service is important for you and your family’s safety

Safety is always the most important when you are driving a vehicle but sometimes your vehicle can fail you, because you have neglected your regular servicing; which may not only affect your own safety but your passengers as well.

For example, a faulty brake system, worn tire treads, misaligned wheels, broken headlamps, tail lamps or signal lights, weak battery or even exhaust buildup are all the things that can cause any unforeseen incidents or leave you stranded at the side of the road. But just by sending your vehicle for regular service maintenance can detect all these problems beforehand and therefore ensure your safety and that of your passengers.


An unmaintained vehicle will keep you worried regarding what might happen at the next instance.

It’s not good for your health to stay stressed about your vehicle like that. All this tension in your mind can be avoided through regular service of your vehicle. If your vehicle is well maintained through timely service checks then you can roam around worry-free. Live a stress-free life and kindly ensure you get your vehicle serviced at any of the Nissan Authorised Service Centres before it breaks down.

This article is specially brought to you by Tan Chong Motor Cambodia, sole and exclusive distributor for Nissan vehicles in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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