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Angkor to be labelled in stone

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Mr Sok Sangva (in white shirt), deputy director of the Apsara Authority, inspects the stone labels. courtesy of Apsara Authority

More than 100 of stele-like stone labels identifying the various temples, in Khmer and English, are to be installed on the Angkor sites by the Apsara Authority.

Sok Sangva, vice president of the Apsara Authority, went to visit the site on Thursday (Feb. 14) and said that about a quarter of the labels are finished; the rest are in various stages of being insculpted, ornamented or painted.

Not every structure at Angkor can be labelled, as Mr Sangva pointed out: “These stone plaques can’t be installed at all temples in the Angkor site because some temples are located deep in the forest and there is no place for the plaques.”

Three self-imposed requirements must be met by the authority’s work team in erecting the label plaques: they must be near the entrances to the respective temples, they must be easily seen by tourists, and they must not impair the view.

The temples labels will give important information related to that temple, such as its name, its year or century of completion, where the entrance is, and the logos of the Apsara Authority, UNESCO, et.al.

The Apsara Authority posted on its Facebook page that, in order to promote Angkor site and follow the recommendations of the ICC-Angkor committee, it is having 118 stone steles/labels bearing the names of temples in both Khmer and English and the authority plans to have them all installed at the Angkor site very soon.

It hopes that this action will meet the needs of tourists by making visits to the Angkor temples more informative and satisfying, and upgrading the value of the temples and national prestige.

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