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Drinking monks booted from pagoda

Buth Reaksmey Kongkea / Khmer Times Share:
The former monks who were defrocked over their drinking habits. DAP News

Four monks were defrocked and expelled on Wednesday from a pagoda in Kampong Speu province for drinking alcohol in their rooms.

Neth Sokhom, deputy chief of the provincial cults and religion department, said the monks were Run Rana, 18, Long Chhorvoan, 16, Meng Kanai, 16, and Say Thong, 14.

Mr Sokhom said they were monks at Tuol Krous Pagoda in Dambouk Khpos village.

He said that at about 9pm, the four bought two cases of beers to drink at their room.

While they were drinking and had finished about a case of Cambodia, the pagoda chief entered their room. The four, who were drunk, were angry at him and wanted to beat him.

The pagoda chief called on other adult monks, who were staying in their room nearby, to intervene. The four were caught at about 10pm on Wednesday.

The pagoda chief confiscated one case of Gansberg and ten cans of Cambodia from them and they were sent to the head of provincial Buddhist monks to be expelled from the pagoda.

“They were defrocked because they have violated the Buddhists’ rules,” Mr Sokhom said. “They drank beer inside their room in the pagoda. They brought beers to drink at their room almost every day.”

The monks were caught drinking beer. DAP News

“Their activities affected other good monks, who lived in the pagoda and affected the beliefs of people about monks and the religion,” he added.

He said that according to the discipline and regulations of the Buddhist religion, the main daily works and jobs of the monk are to pray, teach and educate people to commit good acts, preserve and promote the Buddhist religion and values.

A monk is strictly not allowed to drink, sing, see sex photos or sex movies, have sex or have girl friend or wife, drive a car or motorbike, or steal.

Major Sok Chantha, deputy chief of Baseth district police, confirmed that the four monks were not arrested because they had not committed any offence against state laws.

He added that they were all picked up by their families and returned to their homes in Baseth district.

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