False flag on Rainsy’s FB page

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Suos Yara, a spokesman for the Cambodian People’s Party. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The Cambodian People’s Party has officially declared the statement, dated Feb. 7 and brandishing the CPP logo that was posted on Sam Rainsy’s Facebook page to be a fake.

The false flag statement partially reads:  “We patriots who are in control of the CPP want to tell all Cambodians that the leadership of CPP, all the way up to the Central Committee and the Standing Committee, agree with the overwhelming majority of Cambodians throughout the country who are deeply disappointed and deeply concerned about the dictatorship and treason of Hun Sen, who is crazy.”

It went on to say that persons yet unnamed will lead the CPP internal push to make positive changes this year.

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Suos Yara, a spokesman for the CPP, averred this:  “Sam Rainsy’s Facebook page posted a fake statement of the CPP. I would like to completely reject and dismiss the statement.”

The CPP’s démenti, issued Friday, Feb. 8, wholly dismisses the fake document and strongly condemns it as a serious criminal offense.  The party calls on the competent and authorities to take swift action to locate those involved and have them punished in accordance with the applicable laws.

Prime Minister Hun Sen posted on his Facebook page on Friday that he is proud to see the nation grow every day.

He is also proud of “What we have achieved with the contribution of our fellow citizens and private partners who have confidence in … the government led by the CPP, which liberated the nation from the genocidal Pol Pot [regime] and is the strongest party.  The CPP absolutely guarantees that the war will never return to Cambodia again,”

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