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Factory, workers start strike negotiations

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Garment factory worker. File photo.

The management of Crystal Martin (Cambodia) in Kandal province’s Ksach Kandal district and worker representatives on Wednesday started negotiations to find a solution after 4,000 workers went on strike four times to demand better working conditions.


The workers are demanding that the company pay the first instalment of their wages on the 17th of each month and the remainder on the 5th of the following month.

They also do not want the company to demand higher productivity beyond their abilities and have asked for a full day for sick leave. The workers have also asked the company not to cut the wages of those who protested.

Seang Rithy, Cambodia Solidarity Union Federation president, yesterday said the company currently pays workers on the 19th of each month and on the 7th of the following month.

He added that the company does not set a quota limit on work and only allows the workers to take half a day off from work when they are sick.

“The workers went on strike on Friday, Monday, Tuesday and yesterday, but agreed to resume work today after the company agreed to some demands,” he said.

Mao Samoun, a worker, yesterday said that although the company did not agree with all of their demands, the workers agreed to resume work following a court order.

“The court ordered that all workers must come back to work on February 7 and the workers are afraid of losing their jobs,” he said. “But the workers still want the company to agree to their other demands.”

Mr Samoun added that the workers are watching the progress of the negotiations and if the company does not agree to their other demands or fails to improve working conditions, they will go on strike again.

“The workers are not demanding much and only want better working conditions,” he said. “We hope that the company will have a solution to their demands soon.”

During Wednesday’s negotiations, the company said it would pay double wages to those who did not strike and worked on Tuesday and yesterday.

“The company suggests that workers accept the results of the agreement and will not be responsible for the consequences if workers do not resume work on February 7,” it said on Wednesday.

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