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Four jailed over sex procurement

Buth Reaksmey Kongkea / Khmer Times Share:
The accused brought to court for trial over sex procurement. Supplied

Phnom Penh Municipal Court yesterday sentenced four people to between a year and two-and-a-half years in jail over the procurement of a masseuse who ended up slashing a man she was supposed to have sex with.

Presiding Judge Seng Leang identified the four as Chhor Yi, the procured woman; Som Thi, a masseuse; her husband Nob Chamnab, a motorbike taxi driver; and Bi Sokkong, the man who filed a complaint after being stabbed and robbed.

Ms Yi was sentenced to two years in jail for acts of intentional violence, but will only serve a year after the court suspended the remainder of her term. Mr Chamnab and Ms Thi were each sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail.

“The court has decided to change their charges from unlawful removal with purpose to acting as an intermediary between a prostitute and procurer and sentenced them to two years and six months each in prison,” Judge Leang said.

He said that Mr Sokkong was convicted in absentia and sentenced to a year in prison for acts of intentional violence.

“The court orders police to seek and arrest Mr Sokkong, who is at large, in order to bring him to serve the term of his sentence in prison,” Judge Leang said.

He noted that Ms Yi, Mr Chamnab and Ms Thi were arrested between March 29 and March 30 last year by the municipal military police in Por Senchey district, but Mr Sokkong fled after he filed the complaint against Ms Yi.

“I think that the court’s verdict is just and I can accept it,” Ms Yi said. “I am pleased the court has found truth and justice for me and also convicted Mr Sokkong who had attempted to rape me and beat me.”

According to a military police report, at about 11am on March 28, Mr Sokkong, a land broker, had closed a deal and bought a motorbike worth $250.

The report said he gave the motorbike and $100 to Mr Chamnab, a close friend, and Ms Thi in exchange for finding a young for him to have sex with.

It said that at about 6.30pm on March 28, Mr Chamnab and Ms Thi brought Ms Yi to meet with Mr. Sokkong at his house.

The report said that at Mr Sokkong’s house, they all had beers until Mr Sokkong became drunk.

At about 11.30pm, Mr Chamnab and Ms Thi left home while Ms Yi stayed with Mr Sokkong to smoke drugs with him.

The report added that at about 4am the next day, Ms Yi took a knife and slashed him on his back, head and right hand in an attempt to rob him.

It said Mr Sokkong fought back, held her down and assaulted her before tying her up with a wire.

Mr Sokkong then left Ms Yi tied up in a room and sought help from military police.

Ms Yi was arrested at about 5am at Mr Sokkong’s house.

Based on Ms Yi’s confession, military police arrested Mr Chamnab and Ms Thi at their home in Chom Chao commune on March 30.

During the trial on January 21, Ms Yi told the court that she had stabbed Mr Sokkong because he attempted to rape her.

She said she was persuaded by the two to visit Mr Sokkong’s house to have drinks with him, not have sex.

“When I stayed with him in his house, he attempted to rape me,” Ms Yi told the court. “He held me and pushed me on the bed before kissing me and trying to rape me.”

“When I resisted, he pointed a screwdriver at my throat and threatened to kill me,” she said, adding that she was the victim and the charges against her should be dropped.

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