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PM Says Workers’ Salaries Must Rise

Nov Sivutha / Khmer Times Share:
Prime Minister Hun Sen spoke at the inauguration of the Russey Chrum Krom hydro-electric dam. (KT photo: commons.wikipedia.org)

PHNOM PENH, Jan 12. (Khmer Times) – Prime Minister Hun Sen said that all the factories must raise the salaries of their workers as he spoke at the inauguration ceremony of the Russey Chrum Krom hydro-electric dam on Monday in Koh Kong province. The new dam will help keep the price of energy in Cambodia down.

“All the factories that will pay lower prices [for electricity] than before (…) should use its benefits from the lower price of electricity to increase the salaries of its workers,” he said.

He went on to say that investors want to know about the development of two factors in a country – the price of energy and the minimum wage. If there is no reliable prediction of these two costs the investor will be hesitated to invest in the country.  

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