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NagaWorld Kind Hearts support children’s education

Anith Adilah Othman / Khmer Times Share:
NagaWorld Kind Hearts volunteers distribute reading materials and stationery sets to children at provincial schools.

NagaWorld Kind Hearts, the corporate social responsibility arm of NagaWorld, acknowledges the role of education in eradicating poverty, and consequently is forming a partnership with the non-profit group Cambodia Outreach to support the latter’s [email protected] programme.

This alliance would ensure eligible 10th, 11th and 12th grade students the opportunity to attend school for free. Besides sponsoring their school fees, the programme will also cover the costs of study materials, meals, uniforms and other items for three years.

Based on the recently published Cambodia Socio‐Economic Survey Report, only 11.8 percent of Cambodia’s over 25 years-old have completed lower secondary education.

Wayne Hester, Cambodia Outreach executive director, explained that one of the prime reasons for the high drop‐out rate is financial difficulties.

“Parents need their children to go and find a job or work in the fields to contribute to the household income. This situation is still the major barrier to children’s education in Cambodia.”

NagaWorld’s managing director, Pern Chen, says that the financial support will help the less-fortunate children to complete their education. This, he noted, would furnish them with the knowledge needed to escape the poverty cycle, and eventually benefit future generations.

NagaWorld supports education of children from underprivileged families.

“We hope this collaboration will help the poor children gain equal access to education. We are glad that our employees have been very supportive toward this meaningful initiative, whereby many of them have also contributed personally in addition to the funds raised by NagaWorld,” added Pern Chen.

The academic progress of the students will be monitored regularly. The company – one of Cambodia’s largest – will also offer training opportunities and internships for qualified graduates.

This initiative, undoubtedly, harmonizes well with the sentiments of the UN’s Academic Impact Initiative, which states that education is the basic building block of every society.

The collaboration with Cambodia Outreach is one of NagaWorld Kind Hearts’ many education enhancement programmes, which also include the distribution of free reading materials and stationery sets to primary school students.

More than that, NagaWorld also sends its fire safety officers to various schools. They teach fire prevention and safety techniques to children and community members, and also donate fire extinguishers.

NagaWorld is deeply involved in community engagement initiatives, particularly through the Clean School Competition, which has seen 30 secondary schools participate. Students are encouraged to maintain proper hygiene practices and keep their campuses clean in order to win the monthly cash prizes, which will then be used for overall school improvements.

NagaWorld Kind Hearts was established in 2014 by NagaWorld employees who were keen to promote volunteerism, and focused on four key pillars: education enhancement, community engagement, sports development, and environmental care. To date, they have benefitted over 160,000 Cambodians through many of their programmes.

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