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Tourism Ministry to revoke licences

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REUTERS/Robert Pratta

The Tourism Ministry has warned that it will revoke the tourism licences of restaurants and food outlets that do not obtain the certification of hygiene standards from the Health Ministry, health departments or sub-national authorities.


Tourism Minister Thong Khon said in a directive released on Monday that the ministry has observed that most restaurants and food outlets have complied with the legal requirement but there are still some which have not requested for the certification.

“The Ministry of Tourism will revoke the tourism licence if it finds restaurants or food outlets which have not complied with hygiene standards set by the Ministry of Health, Department of Health or sub-national administration,” Mr Khon said.

Top Sopheak, a Tourism Ministry undersecretary of state and its spokesman, said yesterday that in principle the ministry grants a tourism licence to restaurants and food outlets once a year.

He said an inter-ministerial working team has also conducted checks and instructed these business owners to ensure that food at their locations are hygienic and safe for consumption, especially by national and international tourists.

“So the ministry will revoke the licence of businesses which do not have the certificate of hygiene standards,” he said.

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