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Living life with music

Som Kanika / Khmer Times Share:

Sor Sinarath is currently a third year music student at the Royal University of Fine Arts. At 20, he also holds a degree in International Studies from the Royal University of Phnom Penh

With these two unrelated majors, Sinarath has always had people questioning: what does he really want to do in life?

“I was asked by many people about what I am going to do in the future, as I am currently studying two majors that do not seemingly fit. There are several unspoken reasons why I chose these two. But one thing I can openly say is that if there’s one thing that fuels my soul right now, it’s music,” Sinarath said.

Music has a special space in the young musician’s heart since he was young. He believes it is through music that he is able to let his inner voice be heard by other people, and it is music that inspires him to live.

“My core inspiration for music is that it expresses what cannot be said; it talks about people’s lives in a way that it captures a specific point and then expands to a bigger picture. When we fail to voice out our thoughts, music can be an effective way to deliver a message.”

The desire of being able to compose his own songs have always been his passion. Sinarath believes that, “Here on earth, we share the same struggles and passion. I always want to put those feelings into lyrics and attach them into a melody that will speak of what’s inside our hearts”.

For this young singer and musician, music is also a way to turn a rough day into a day of bliss.

“Singing and music are my addictions. I sing and play music every day. I cannot imagine my life without music because it has never failed to put my broken pieces together. It always gives my spirit the drive to live. When music hits you, it’s as if all your pain goes away.”

Sor Sinarath is not only passionate about singing, but he’s also interested in playing various types of musical instruments ranging from piano to acoustic guitar.

“These musical instruments play an important part in the singing process and knowing how to play piano, guitar and other musical instruments help me define the music I am creating. Knowing the high notes and low notes help me find my own voice, too,” Sinarath shared.

“Among the musical instruments, guitar remains one of my favourite instruments because it is affordable and you can carry it anywhere. I can also use it to light up other people’s mood when they need a little entertainment.”

Music icon Stevie Wonder once said, “Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand”.

Sinarath fully agrees.

“For me, music is a universal language that allows me to understand the culture and tradition of people from different parts of the world. Music also casts a great influence in my life to connect more with people out there. I have learned to see many different perspectives of life through it.”

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