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Cintri issues apology for garbage collection disruption

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
A growing pile of trash in Phnom Penh. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Cintri has apologised to the public over the disruption of garbage collection since December 26.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the company gave two major reasons for the disruption in its operation to clean, collect and transport garbage as scheduled.

It said one was due to a strike by its workers to have their wages raised on December 26 but the problem was solved the next day.

The statement said that the other reason was that garment workers were holding regular protests which block Street 217 which leads to the Dangkor Landfill.

“This is the only road to enter the landfill, which makes the garbage transportation process slow,” the company said. “We urge the public to understand the situation leading to this inconvenience.”

“We also ask the public to help package their garbage in an orderly way to help accelerate collection and transport of garbage and maintain environmental hygiene in our capital,” it added.

Ith Chanda, Cintri customer service and garbage collection department chief, said yesterday that the disruption to cleaning, collecting and transporting garbage occurred since the strike by the company’s workers on December 26.

He said there were also strikes continuously by some factory workers on the street that Cintri garbage trucks have to cross, resulting in uncollected garbage along some small roads in the city and suburbs.

“So we need time to collect the garbage,” he said. “If there is no disruption due to road blocks from factory workers again, we expect to collect all garbage within one or two weeks so things return to normal.”

On December 26, several Cintri’s rubbish collectors went on strike demanding a wage increase of $15 per month.

After a full day of negotiation, both sides came to an agreement and the workers ended the protest.

The company agreed to increase monthly wages by $9 and settled some other demands from the workers.

On December 27, more than 1,000 garment workers from Seduno Investment Cambo Fashion also rallied to block Street 217 in Dangkor district to demand their severance pay before the end of the year, which caused traffic congestion.

On January 5, thousands of workers from the W&D factory along Street 217 in Meanchey district also rallied over unpaid seniority indemnity and blocked the road.

Chin Sreymey, 19, a coffee shop worker in Meanchey district’s Boeng Tumpun commune, said that from late December up to now Cintri’s garbage collection was slow and there is garbage congested in her area and some markets.

“The garbage trucks previously came to collect garbage twice a day but in the recent days they came every four to five days,” she said. “There is a lot of garbage in front of my house and when I travel along some streets, I also see piles of garbage.”

“Now that the company has informed us of the reason, I hope that they will solve this problem soon,” Ms Sreymey said.

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