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Crime and Tragedy

Sath Kok Sreng and Phun Chan Ousaphea / Khmer Times Share:

Heavy Rain Destroys Homes
KANDAL – Families in Kandal province are recovering this week from house damage and the total loss of their homes caused by Thursday’s heavy rain.

Four districts suffered the most: Ta Khmao, Kandal Steung, Kien Svay and S’ang district. 

The heavy rain damaged three houses in Ta Khmao district. In Kandal Steung district one house, owned by Chak Phea, 70, was reported damaged. There were 14 houses totally destroyed and 34 houses damaged in S’ang district.

In Kien Svay district, five houses were damaged, including two that were totally destroyed.

These Kien Svay home owners are identified as Huy Samin, 57, a farmer, whose house was badly damaged; Pon Sopheak Tra, 20, a farmer, whose house was destroyed; Dol Ban Chea, 20, a farmer, whose house was badly damaged; Dy Yan, female, 88, whose house was slightly damaged; and Chan Samon, whose house was destroyed.

Dad Beaten to Death on Child’s Birthday
SIHANOUKVILLE – A Sihanoukville man who allegedly showed up drunk at his child’s first birthday party and tried to kidnap the child was beaten to death Thursday evening.

Police arrested Sim Socheat, Peng Ly, and Ben Sokhun, for allegedly beating to death Soun Tetika, 22. A fourth suspect is under investigation.

Witnesses say Mr. Tetika and his wife have had difficulty getting along since the baby was born and he frequently left home to get drunk.

Police went to the Tetika home after getting a report of violence at the house and a man hurt so badly that he was sent to the hospital.

Police arrived and made the arrests. The body of Mr. Tetika was released to relatives after an autopsy was performed.

Search Reveals Drugs, Two Men Arrested
KANDAL – A three a.m. motorcycle ride turned into a drug arrest for two young men from S’ang district.

Police stopped Ton Ta Vat, a 20-year-old student, and Ngait Tak, a 25-year-old factory worker, on National Road 2 in Ta Khmao district early Friday morning. 

A police search turned up drugs in their pockets, and the young men were arrested.

The police impounded a packet of meth, a motorbike, a cellphone, and 100 riels.

The suspects were sent to the provincial drug police office for further action.

Hit And Run
PHNOM PENH – A married couple, carrying vegetables in their tuk-tuk, was injured when hit from behind by a car that just kept going after the collision.
Yov Van Chay, 25, and his wife Sok Srey Nich, 22, both from Kien Svay district, were hit early Friday morning at a traffic light in Sangkat Tonle Bassac. Mr. Chay was driving and his wife was riding in the carriage with the vegetables.

A witness saw a Toyota Camry come from behind the tuk-tuk at high speed and hit it from behind, knocking it over and causing injuries to the couple.

The witness says the car never stopped, but instead the driver sped up and left the scene.

There were no police present. Bystanders came to the aid of the injured couple and called their family.

Duo Left Behind To Take the Rap
PHNOM PENH – A teenage boy and his girlfriend were arrested for allegedly snatching a cell phone Thursday night after their apparent accomplice dumped them at the scene of the crime.

The victim of the theft answered a call on her cell phone as she rode her motorbike on Street 70 in Kan Daun Penh. That’s when she says someone on a bike carrying three people snatched her phone, but the bikes got too close and they fell off. 

One of the thieves got back on the bike and rode off, leaving the other two – a 15-year-old male and his 16-year-old girlfriend – at the scene.

The two were arrested by police patrolling nearby and jailed at the police station while paperwork for further court action was done.

The victim is Neang Thary, a student living in Toul Kork district. There has been no word on whether she got her phone back.

Jailed for Rape of Minor
KANDAL – A 23-year-old man was arrested Thursday afternoon, accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl two days earlier behind her house in Khsach Kandal district.

The suspect is Heng Rot, 23, of Khsach Kandal district.

According to police, the man had been talking to the girl on the phone for five months, and then on Tuesday Mr. Rot went to buy milk near the victim’s house. Police say he met her in the forest 100 meters from her house and asked her to have sex with him. Police say she refused and he raped her.

Mr. Rot was arrested and jailed as police paperwork was completed to send him to provincial court.

Drinking Man Kills Self over Moto 
KANDAL – A 22-year-old man committed suicide by hanging himself from a mango tree on Thursday after his grandfather refused to give him money to buy a motorbike.  

The victim is Leng Chov, who lived with his grandfather, 65-year-old mom Tol in S’ang district.

According to police Mr. Chov argued with his grandfather on Monday about giving him money for a motorbike. Mr. Tol refused, saying they needed the money to live.

The victim lived with his grandfather, and reportedly drank alcohol every day. Mr. Tol found him hanging from a mango tree near their house on Thursday when he came out to pick some fruit.

Mr. Tol called neighbors and then the police, who gave the body to the young man’s parents for burial.

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