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Cambodia and China to combat flow of drugs

Ven Rathavong / Khmer Times Share:
Newly-appointed Chinese Ambassador Wang Wentian. Fresh News

Cambodia and China have pledged to enhance cooperation in combatting drug trafficking in the Kingdom.

The pledge was made during a meet between Ke Kimyan, chairman of the National Authority for Combatting Drugs, and newly-appointed Chinese Ambassador Wang Wentian yesterday.

Mr Kimyan said the focus of the cooperation will happen in Preah Sihanouk province, a preferred destination for Chinese investors and tourists.

“Mr Wang raised the issue of Preah Sihanouk so that we can cooperate with each other and solve problems,” he said. “Cambodia and China do not want to see problems occurring.”

“He asked for the cooperation with the main focus being in Preah Sihanouk because of the amount of Chinese people there,” Mr Kimyan added, noting that Phnom Penh, Poipet city and Siem Reap province will also be focused on. “Mr Wang didn’t deny that some Chinese people are doing illegal things. Crimes are affecting both countries.”

He said that China and Cambodia will continue to exchange information and enhance law enforcement capabilities in order to help each other.

Mr Kimyan said China in the past provided laboratories. However, he said that China should instead focus on treating addicts.

“China is the spine of the Mekong-Lancang Cooperation, which supports combatting drugs,” Mr Kimyan said. “China promised that they will do their best to respond to the drug problems in Cambodia and resolve whatever issue is required by the Kingdom.”

Last month, the National Police ranked Chinese nationals as the top perpetrators of crime and victims of crime in the country.

It tallied 275 criminal cases, 31 of which were drug-related.

It said that the National Police made 1,020 arrests of 37 foreign nationals, including the arrest of 761 Chinese nationals, followed by 51 Vietnamese nationals who were arrested, 45 Nigerian nationals, 21 South Koreans and 19 Thais.

The report noted that most of the arrests were made in the provinces of Preah Sihanouk and Siem Reap, and also in Phnom Penh.

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