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2019: Goals, promises & growth

Say Tola and Som Kanika / Khmer Times Share:

Can you believe it? We’re already on the fourth day of 2019! It’s just amazing how time flies so fast, leaving us in awe of how life unfolds before our eyes. But that’s the point: time runs so fast that we need to use it as beautifully and as positively as possible. We can’t just sit on our couch and do nothing (though that’s a little tempting). We need to move, go out of our homes, explore nature and take an active role in the community. We need to build dreams and chase them with all our heart and soul, because again, time runs too fast to be wasted for nothing.

So now, rise up and move. Bring with you the experiences and learning you got from the past year and use them to motivate you to go forward and farther. Set your goals clearly and do all that you can to fulfill them all this year. Ready?

Neourn Sony, scholar

“To study hard and stay committed to becoming an outstanding student have always been my goals. So I set my priorities with those on top. It’s worth it. I passed an exchange programme to study in Germany. With this new endeavour, I promise to try harder and make sure that I will attain the best experiences there. I am also now working hard to earn a scholarship in the US at the end of this year.”

Chhum Phallay, PUC Toastmasters Club president

“I don’t have New Year resolution, yet I have action plan for myself each year. And this year, I have plans to make myself become more proactive, better in English speaking, happier and healthier both physical and social, as well as to be able to draw a map to my last dream career. And since I am the president of PUC Toastmasters Club, I will find ways to manage it better. Regarding my future plans, I will apply for scholarship abroad.”

Sochea Khoeut, culture and arts organisation staff

“I have set three mains goals to be achieved in this new year. First is to finish at least 25 books, both fiction and non-fiction. Second is to unleash my potential and apply for exchange programmes abroad. And last but not least, I will improve my capability to create fruitful projects and events. And I am committing on transforming myself to become a better leader each day.”

Hout Srymanun, Royal University of Phnom Penh student

“2018 was a year to forgive myself for repeated disappointments. My 2019 will be a year for me to aim for many things which will enlighten my future. In 2019, I plan to improve my academic performance by developing several strategies to excel in class. I also have an ambition to apply for an exchange programme which will allow me to explore foreign universities for my post-graduate study. Aside from academics, exploring Southeast Asia is in my list for 2019. Singapore is on top as I know the good reputation of the state in almost all sectors. I also like to travel to the Philippines and see the biggest shopping mall in Southeast Asia. Exploring Maldives is also part of my to-do list for this year.”

Set Hattha, writer

“There are some main categories that I prioritise on, including health, good habit, publish two books, selling 500 books per week, going to at least two countries, create events for intergeneration and do fund raising events for a library in my district. In terms of healthy living, I will exercise from Monday to Friday, eat nutritious food regularly and drink enough water. And I will make sure that I read books before I go to sleep or after getting up.”

Amrin Pise, Royal University of Phnom Penh student

“My plans for the new year is quite personal and simple, that’s to learn to love myself more than last year, to give more and smile more and probably to enjoy the privilege and time that I am here on earth. I also trying hard to pursue my Master’s Degree abroad. To achieve this, I know I need to prepare myself and work really hard.”

Thorn Richny, University of Health Sciences student

“My New Year’s resolution is to be healthier, be more active, break out of my comfort zone as well as to stop being a procrastinator.”

Sem Puthpanha, Pannasastra University of Cambodia student

“Aside from wanting to explore all 25 cities and provinces of Cambodia, I want to run an online news company and a small start-up that focuses on education and advertising services. I want to run a company named, Dounta Media. It will give some services on videography and photography both for advertorial and educational purposes. And I also want to hire staff for writing international and national online news.. But first, I will have to buy materials to make to achieve my dream, like a good camera, shooting materials as well as one bike. ”

Yoeun Davin, Royal University of Law and Economics student

“This year, I will be going to Japan to gain work experience in an Information Technology company. I worked hard to achieve such feat. I gave my best during the interview. So now that I got the opportunity, I want to focus on my work and gain as many learning as possible for this rare opportunity given to me.”

Soth Seyha, Pannasastra University of Cambodia student

“Since I will be graduating soon, I plan to find a good job that suits my passion as well as the major that I studied at the university. I hope to find a good one soon.”

Som Minea, Royal University of Phnom Penh student

“After finishing high school, getting into university is another journey for me to take on. Therefore my New Year’s resolution is to keep a good performance at school and try hard to maintain it. This has always been my priority ever since.”

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