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Thousands of birds killed illegally in Norway

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A puffin with a mouth full of small fish stands on Norway's Runde island. Reuters

OSLO (Xinhua) – Research conducted by the Norwegian Ornithological Association showed that at least 5,200 birds and bird eggs were destroyed every year in Norway’s nature areas.

Public broadcaster NRK reported that there is, however, a possibility of even darker numbers going as high as 34,500 birds and eggs, the organisation warned.

The reasons for this type of crime are various, the association claims, mentioning shooting “for fun”, destruction of nests, collection mania as well as sale of eggs, skins and live birds of prey through an international network.

“Some (of the reasons) are due to enough ignorance or low tolerance for birds while other types of crime follow financial intentions,” said Paul Shimmings, a senior consultant of the Norwegian Ornithological Association.

Criminals use increasingly advanced methods, such as drones,internet and GPS to find bird nests, Mr Shimmings said.

Gulls top the list of birds that are most illegally killed.

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