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The Countdown to 2019

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Cambodia has its very own Khmer New Year in April. But the lights and music on the streets every December 31 proves that Cambodians are also very fond of partying in the countdown to the universal New Year. In fact, many of us go to parks or hotels to witness epic countdowns and firework displays. And surely, there’s nothing better than ushering in the year 2019 with loud cheers. Say Tola talks with some Cambodians on their plans for the big affair.



Rern Sinat

Miss Universe Cambodia

“All the Miss Cambodia(s) and I will have some shows in NagaWord. We will be very busy on the countdown night until the New Year. It is a usual day because we all have to work at the same time. But every New Year, I always reflect on my dreams and goals. I dream of helping my mother achieve her own dream, which is to travel to other countries. And her dream will come true soon.”


Vanthorn Chinsotheary

Owner of Ploy’s Café

“Since my coffee shop has just started, I am not sure whether I should close it on that day or not. I want to see what will be happening in the vibrant cultural province of Siem Reap since I have never been celebrating the countdown there before. I will surely be enjoying that moment if I could go.”


Sem Rithy

Company staff

“Personally, I think countdown night tells us that we all grow a year older. So, I will spend 24 hours with my wife and bring her to various places in Siem Reap. In the alignment of our growth, I want to make good memories with her.”

Top Proloeng

A graduate from Vanda Institute

“I am planning to do camping on the area between Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang on the countdown night. Countdown night is not that special day for me but it happens on my two-week holiday. So, I just want to enjoy the moment there.”

Yeng Chheangly

Company staff

“It is just a normal day for me. But on that day, I plan to gather my friends and relatives in Siem Reap. Like the past years, we will go to Pub Street for the countdown and welcome the New Year together. Though I think it is a normal day, most of the people really feel joyful during that day.”


Srun Chandem

Student at Pannasastra University of Cambodia

“We don’t really make it a big deal, but I admit it is a happy day for me because my family and friends can gather in one place and celebrate New Year together. I’d prefer to celebrate at home because the traffic is really heavy if I go out.”



Chetra Heam

Director at Khat Creatives Co., Ltd

“I actually plan to go to Mondolkiri because it’s windy there and there are so many hills. It’s a quiet place. I want to celebrate the New Year without much noise or people.”


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