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Joint directive to benefit disabled persons

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Disable people
Officials who are disabled attended the seminar. KT/ Chor Sokunthea

The Ministries of Land Management and Social Affairs today issued a joint directive requiring all buildings to accommodate those with physical disabilities by building infrastructure such as wheelchair ramps and allocating parking spaces.

The directive applies to train stations, airports, schools and other public spaces. It also applies to apartments, hotels, restaurants, factories and other private buildings.

It notes that new buildings are required to facilitate persons with disabilities by building accommodating infrastructure such as ramps and parking spaces, while old buildings, though not required, must accommodate to the best of their abilities.

It said building and construction site owners must arrange for the implementation of ramps, ladders, locks, doors, elevators and bathrooms that are disabled-friendly.

Em Chan Makara, secretary-general of the Disability Action Council, said some buildings have accommodations for disabled persons, but noted that specifications must be standardised.

Mr Chan Makara said some ramps are too high and lack railings, which makes it difficult for a disabled person to use.

The report also said that in the private sector, 77 companies have hired a total of 3,055 disabled people.

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