Human Rights Day Celebrated

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Demonstrators hold signs advocating human rights during marches celebrating the 66th International Human Rights Day in Phnom Penh. (KT Photo: Ven Rathavong)

PHNOM PENH, Dec. 10, (Khmer Times) – Thousands of Cambodians celebrated Human Rights Day at events around Phnom Penh today. 

Phnom Penh Governor Pa Socheatvong addressed over 3,000 people at the Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center.  

Mr. Socheatvong said Phnom Penh is suffering from population pressure resulting from migration from rural areas to the capital, prompted by economic and development issues. 

He noted that too many illegal residences have been established on state land, which must be cleaned up in order to maintain security and order in the city. However, the governor said that evictions have an impact on human rights. 

He stressed that the issue needs coordinated action by the government and civil society organizations. 

As part of the celebrations for the 66th Human Rights Day, US Ambassador to Cambodia William E. Todd applauded every person that has worked to advocate human rights in Cambodia.

“I encourage all Cambodians to take this day to rededicate themselves to promoting basic human rights and freedoms,” Mr. Todd said. 

“In particular, I urge the government to engage with the opposition and civil society to address the issues of impunity, nepotism, and corruption, which together have a corrosive effect on society, weakening economic growth and stability and undercutting progress made on human rights.” 

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