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With the presence of hundreds of participants totally, the 2018 roadshow of Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (“CDX”) and Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (“SECC”) has successfully drawn to a close after extending its coverage over Preah Sihanouk, Kampong Cham, Siem Reap, BanteayMeanchey, and Battambang provinces.

Also gracing the roadshow with their participation were H.E. Mr. Sou Socheat, Director General of SECC, H.E. Mr. Sok Dara and H.E. Mr. Seang Thirith, both of them Deputy Director

General of SECC, along with top

management of CDX including Her E. Chhay Leakhena, Chairwoman of CDX, Ms. Jen Tran, Director of CDX, Mr. Lawrence Kook, Director of CDX, and Ms. Monisa Yang, General Manager of CDX, and other excellencies, dignitaries, and high-ranking officials from Chamber of Commerce as well as state and private institutions.

The 2018 roadshow was the first major event of CDX and SECC to take place at provinces and a sparkling initiative to promote Cambodia derivatives market in every aspect, adding great values to the extensiveness of the market awareness throughout the entire country and bringing about a platform for the growth of human resources, financial activities, and economic status.

“SECC has a dedication to duties of promoting derivatives trading in every part of Cambodia and facilitating the growth of the regulated market. To protect investors, SECC is working hard on making them know the regulated derivative brokerage companies and encouraging the companies to continue implementing risk management methods and investor-protection policies,” said H.E. Mr. Sou Socheat as quoted from his remarks during the roadshow.

Throughout the 2018 roadshow, overview and insight of the derivatives market were highlighted to ensure that the participants could get sufficient details for investment knowledge gain and self-assessment of investment choices.

“For the past three years, Cambodia derivatives market has developed remarkably in terms of trading volumes, number of market players, and regulations,” H.E. Mr. Sok Dara emphasized on the progress of the derivatives market. When encouraging investors to invest in different products, H.E. Mr. Sok Dara added, “Every investment has risks, and the more risks it has, the more rewards it will provide. Investment diversification is one of the key strategies for minimizing risks.”

Presided over the roadshow in Preah Sihanouk province, H.E. Mr. Seang Thirith urged the participants to acquire knowledge and skills of derivatives trading and work with a professional, regulated derivative broker as their investment partner for their fund security and wealth accumulation.

CDX was ubiquitous at every roadshow station this year, while the company, on the local scale, had set up series of knowledge-related events joined by international professionals and financial experts to educate the Cambodian public. In the meantime, on the global stage CDX had showcased not only itself but also Cambodia as a whole. As illustrations, CDX partook in an international exhibition in Cyprus earlier this year, and the exchange once again showed its presence in the 2018 London Summit in England last month, being the summit’s only Asian faces from Cambodia presenting the culture along with various investment opportunities and inviting foreign investors to engage businesses in the nation.

Director of CDX Mr. Lawrence Kook, who took pride from these amazing achievements, said, “Everyone at CDX including me is absolutely delighted to share our knowledge and experience to the participants at this roadshow. No matter where they are, Cambodian investors deserve to access to investment education and to be presented and supported in bettering theirinvestment opportunities. Even though we have established ourselves as the pioneer for this new industry, our work is not done. We will continue the effort on bringing the Cambodia derivatives market to the global stage, not just in the ASEAN region.”

Mr. Lawrence did acknowledge the importance of this roadshow and in the wake of this acknowledgement, he thanked SECC for its efforts and was well open to the future participation in other SECC’s events.

Early next year, CDX will be joining another international exhibition in Hong Kong.

“Since day one, I’ve always said that Cambodia derivatives market holds great potential, and I am happy that we are inspiring international derivative brokerages getting regulated in this beautiful country. The market has kept growing, and this results from our committed endeavor and is, of course, credited to a large extent to SECC. History is being made,” said Lawrence.

The 2018 roadshow was believed to lay a strong foundation for the prosperity of the Cambodia derivatives market for years to come.

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