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Modern Romeo and Juliet

Sath Kok Sreng / Khmer Time Share:
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SVAY RIENG, (Khmer Times) –Tuesday morning brought a tragic end to a love affair in Svay Teap district. Sok Pa Vy committed suicide just days after her beloved fiancé, Ya Nak Nita, died a sudden and unexpected death. Both of them were only 23 years old.

According to witnesses, the two had been a couple for eight years. Their families agreed to let them marry and set the wedding date for next Tuesday.  Mr. Nita suffered a cardiovascular collapse and died on Sunday. 

One of Ms. Vy’s siblings report that she was so grief-stricken on Monday that she refused to eat, despite all the efforts her aunt made to console her. She paced through the house and said that wanted to die and “be with her fiancé.” Her family continued to comfort her and she stopped speaking of suicide. She then went upstairs and locked herself in her room. 

Tuesday morning the family, which was gathered in the living room, called to her to hear if she was okay. She responded at first, but the next call went unanswered. The family then broke down the bedroom door only to find her hung with her dress on the window bars. 

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