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Fishing season begins Friday

Chea Vannak / Khmer Times Share:
A Cambodian woman buys small fish to make prahok. KT/Chea Vannak

The Fisheries Administration urged prahok producers to buy the fish needed to concoct the savory fish paste tomorrow along the Tonle Sap river.

The “first high season for catching fish” begins on Friday, the body said in a statement, asking prahok and pha’ak (fermented fish with sticky rice) producers to come to fishing areas in the Tonle Sap river, particularly in Phnom Penh and Kandal, to buy stock.

The high season will last until Dec 20, it added.

“During this period, we predict that the water level in the river will be optimal for catching freshwater fish,” the body said, adding that the best locations to buy the fish will be in Phnom Penh and Kandal.

Eng Cheasan, director-general of the Fisheries Administration, said that while it is hard to estimate how much fish will be caught during this season, he believes it will be more than in previous years thanks to the government’s crackdown on illegal fishing activity.

“We expect to have at least as big of a catch as last year’s,” Mr Cheasan said. “We have been working to crackdown on illegal fishing and protect spawning areas, so we hope the amount of fish in the river has increased considerably.”

Generally speaking, there are two high seasons for catching fish in Cambodia. One falls in December, while the other falls in late January.

Prahok is made of small fishes, while for pha’ak bigger fishes are used.

Last year, fish used for prahok sold for $0.3 to $0.5 per kilogram.

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