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Trademark registration sees 11 pct hike

Sok Chan / Khmer Times Share:
The building that houses the Ministry of Commerce in Phnom Penh. Supplied

Trademark registration with the Ministry of Commerce saw an 11 percent increase, with 4,186 trademarks approved in 2018, compared to 3,917 in 2017, Op Rady, director of intellectual property at the Ministry of Commerce, told Khmer Times on Friday.

He said the ministry has also approved about 1,153 marks through the international route, or an increase of 37 percent from 840 in 2017. The international route is via the Madrid system (officially the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks).

He said 1,484 approved trademarks came from local applicants, an increase of about 400 in the number of applicants compared to last year, while 2,702 applicants had foreign origin. The ministry also renewed 1,850 marks, an increase of 0.22 percent from last year, Mr Rady said.

He added that from 1991 to 2018, about 80,000 marks were registered in Cambodia.

“I think the private sector now has greater awareness of the need for trademark registration through the number of workshops and seminars we organised to show the advantages and the benefits.

“Businesses are in need of the law to protect their marks. If they do not have the protection, they risk losing out to others,” Mr Rady said.

Mr Rady said there were about 16 cases of complaints of mark infringements from local and foreign applicants and the ministry solved 10 cases.

“This year, we have approved the Koh Trung Pomelo mark in Kratie, and also approved the Malys Angkor mark,” he said.

He said the ministry is also collaborating with Canadia Bank to facilitate payments for trademark registration.

“Canadia Bank and Acleda Bank are the Ministry’s partners for the payment process on trademark registration,” Mr Rady said. “More banks as partners will facilitate payment for companies or trademarks owners.”

In May last year, the Ministry of Commerce launched a trademark e-filling system to facilitate the registration process, aiming to make it easier for organisations to protect their intellectual property.

According to the Ministry, the new e-filling system saves businesses time and money and is helping in the fight against corruption.

Cambodia is the fifth country in Asean to launch an online trademark registration system after Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

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