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Construction materials to be taken off roads

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
A newly-built casino in Sihanoukville. KT/Mai Vireak

Preah Sihanouk provincial authorities have ordered all construction owners not to leave their materials on the roads as they obstruct traffic flow, warning the materials will be confiscated after a December 20 deadline.

Provincial Hall spokesman Or Saroeun yesterday said that local authorities in the past have instructed all construction owners to keep construction materials in safe places at construction sites, but some owners do not listen.

Mr Saroeun said that some leave construction materials, including bricks, sand and gravel, on streets, which affects road users, while others fail to install fences surrounding their sites in compliance with standards.

“The provincial administration has decided to give an ultimatum by December 20 so that all construction owners follow the instruction, otherwise legal action will be taken,” Mr Saroeun said. “This time we must follow the law strictly without any exception.”

Mr Saroeun noted that he did not know how many construction sites have left materials on the roads.

Provincial Governor Yun Min on Friday sent letters to construction site owners asking them to properly store their materials.

Construction sites in Sihanoukville. KT/Mai Vireak

“Don’t use public sidewalks as a place for workers to work on,” Mr Min said. “Dirt filling at construction sites or transporting dirt out of the sites, they must cover the trucks to avoid dropping of dirt, gravel and sand which could make the roads dirty and affect people’s safety.”“The construction site owners must erect fences around construction sites in compliance with technical standards to protect safety and avoid any accidents,” he added.

Mr Min also warned that any construction site owners who fail to heed the instruction will face action.

“The provincial administration will go check worksites and take administrative measures against construction site owners who fail to follow the order. The authorities will confiscate materials and close down construction,” he said, noting that the authorities were not responsible for damage and transportation cost of the materials.

On November 17, there was an accident in which a steel pipe fell off a construction site and damaged a luxury car near the Provincial Hall.

Kheiv Savon, a Sihanoukville resident, hailed the action, noting that some construction sites use sidewalks to store construction materials, which affects the environment and nearby houses.

“Please do not think that developing the city should be done like that,” he said. “We must maintain the environment, order, and safety.”

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