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5G promises a speedy future

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Mobile video streaming and gaming should never be a problem anymore with the 5G mobile internet connectivity. Reuters

5G, the fifth-generation of mobile internet connectivity, promises consumers faster data speeds, wider coverage and companies are scrambling to make the best of use of this emerging technology.

This means that gamers should see zero latency when gaming while videos should stream instantaneously and in high definition. Video will also see huge benefits from the increased bandwidth and speed.

During this week’s tech conference in Hawaii, Qualcomm is expected to take the wraps off a new Snapdragon processor designed with 5G in mind. Dubbed the “Snapdragon 1000” processor will equip devices with always-connected features.

In February, Qualcomm offered details on its San Francisco simulation of a typical 5G connection. A Qualcomm modelled network operating in 800 MHz of 28 GHz mmWave spectrum saw browsing speeds of 1.4 Gbps for the median 5G user compared to a high of 71Mps on 4G.

Closer to home in Cambodia, Cellcard one of the leading mobile operators in the Kingdom, said it was readying an upgrade its mobile infrastructure to 5G, adding that it is targeting a commercial launch of the services in the second quarter of 2019.

Cellcard’s CEO Ian Watson said during the Cellcard Journey to 5G event in October, the company will introduce the new technology to enhance people’s lives.

“5G is being talked about as part of the 4th Industrial revolution, allowing a raft of new and exciting products and services across a digital platform underpinned by a 5G network. Cellcard is at the forefront of delivering this for all of Cambodia, every city, every town and every province,” Mr Watson said.

In South Korea, home of Samsung, the fifth-generation of mobile network has already seen a release

According to Korea Herald, SK Telecom CEO Park Jung-ho made a video call from the mobile operator’s network control centre in Bundang, Gyeonggi Province to central Seoul, using a pilot 5G smartphone made by Samsung at the weekend.

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