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Government extends disabled people’s strategy

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Prime Minister Hun Sen meets with disabled people. Fresh News

The government will extend the National Strategy on Disability for another four years to eliminate all forms of exploitation and discrimination against persons with disabilities.


In a letter to mark the 20th People with Disability Day and the 36th International Day of Persons with Disabilities yesterday, Prime Minister Hun Sen said the government has spent a lot of money to help people with disabilities and their families to get a better quality of life without discrimination, and also to receive good quality social services.

“The government set out a strategic plan through the National Strategy on Disability for 2014-2018 and it has been a success,” Mr Hun Sen said. “So the government is prepared to continue to implement this strategy for the years 2019-2023.”

He said the government aims to break down barriers to opportunities for people with disabilities and also encourage the public not to be rude to disabled people or discriminate against them.

Mr Hun Sen said that this year, 40 ministries and state institutes recruited 2,839 disabled people, or 1.93 percent of their workforce, and all ministries and state institutes will recruit more to reach a two percent target next year.

“Please all ministries, state institutions and the private sector continue to encourage people with disabilities who have the qualifications and abilities to perform their duties in positions of responsibility, to have the right to work without discrimination, including serving as civil servants, workers and trainees,” said Mr Hun Sen.

Em Chanmakara, the secretary-general of the Disability Action Council at the Ministry of Social Affairs, said yesterday that according to the National Institute of Statistics at the Ministry of Planning, there are more than 50,000 people with disabilities, about four percent of the population.

“We see that the number of people with disabilities being employed both in the state and private sectors has increased from previous years and we have nearly reached the government’s target of having two percent of them in the workforce,” he said.

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