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Airport train crash injures two

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
The train involved in the crash yesterday. Fresh News

Two people were injured after an airport train crashed into vehicles in Por Senchey district’s Kabab II commune yesterday.

According to a report by the National Police, a truck had stopped too close to a railway when an incoming passenger train from Phnom Penh International Airport crashed into it, causing damage to another car and a motorcycle.

The driver of the truck managed to escape injuries, but the same could not be said for two other motorists who had to be sent to hospital following the accident.

“The truck stopped and the train crashed into it,” the report said. “The injured were sent to hospital. The truck, the car and the motorbike were then towed to a police station to find out what to do next.”

Major Pal Yuthea, commune police chief, said the injured are now recovering at hospital.

“The truck, the car and the motorbike were damaged,” Maj Yuthea said. “We wondered why the owner of the truck stopped so close to the railway. It’s very dangerous when a train is coming.”

One of the vehicles involved in the crash. Fresh News

In April, the airport train was launched in a bid to ease traffic flow. The train service makes it convenient for passengers to bypass rush-hour traffic in the city.

In May, a 42-year-old woman was decapitated after being struck by a train in Por Senchey district while she was drunk on the tracks.

In April, the Transport Ministry issued a statement calling for people to pay attention when crossing a railway.

It said that people need to respect the train’s right of way by keeping at least 3.5 metres away from the track while a train is incoming.

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