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Rainsy made acting president of the dissolved CNRP

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Sam Rainsy, in a conference held in the US. FB

Sam Rainsy was made acting president of the dissolved CNRP party in a conference held in the US while former opposition leader Kem Sokha opposed the conference.


During its so-called world conference in the state of Georgia on Sunday where about 400 CNRP supporters attended, it was announced that Mr Sokha, who is currently on bail awaiting trial, is unauthorized to lead the party.

The conference said that Mr Rainsy is appointed as the acting party president until Mr Sokha will be released and eligible to lead the party.

It said that because of the party conducting no important activities, its supporters have voiced their concerns about the CNRP’s future after the Supreme Court dissolved it last year and banned its 118 senior members from politics for five years.

In the conference, Mr Rainsy agreed to become the acting president to resurrect the CNRP.

“We must revive the party. The CNRP is facing a deadlock without a leader. The members did not know whom they could trust and lead them,” Mr Rainsy said, “Today, the CNRP is restored. We reorganize the party structure temporarily when Mr Sokha has not been freed.”

Mr Sokha met his lawyers on Sunday and further distanced himself from the CNRP world conference, noting that he did not support any decision made at the event organized by CNRM supporters.

Mr Sokha’s lawyers also issued a statement that day, saying he did not recognise the conference.

“Kem Sokha still keeps his stance the same. He does not recognise or support any organisation or decision stemming from the conference,” his lawyer Chan Chen said.

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