Push to hire more disabled workers

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Disabled students study at the Bantey Prieb’s Vocational Training Centre in Kandal province. KT/Say Tola

The Social Affairs Ministry yesterday called on state institutions and the private sector to hire more disabled workers, noting that the number of those working in the public sector has increased this year.

Sem Sokha, a ministry secretary of state, said that the public sector is providing opportunities for disabled people to work, but some private companies are not providing jobs for them yet.

The government has created the Law on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to encourage the public and private sectors to recruit disabled people to form at least two percent of their workforce.

Mr Sokha said there was an increase of 2,839, or 1.93 percent, in the number of disabled people recruited by the public sector this year, adding that so far 5,868 disabled people are working both in the public and private sectors.

According to the Social Affairs Ministry, 2,576 people with disabilities worked in ministries and state institutions in 2016, representing 1.72 percent of the workforce. A further 2,124 disabled people worked in 19 private institutions.

“The number of disabled people working in the public sector has grown considerably, but some private companies are discriminating against them and not hiring them,” Mr Sokha said. “I appeal to the public and the private sectors to hire more disabled people and not to discriminate against them.”

Ol So Veasna, deputy programme director of Handicap International, said yesterday that the public sector is recruiting more and more disabled people and some places have met the quota set by the law.

“Our organisation tries to make companies understand the challenges disabled people face, and ask them to change their conditions for employment to make it easier for the disabled to find work,” he said.

Mr So Veasna urged the government and authorities to keep educating people on the law and sub-decrees related to disabled people.

Khol Yuthly, deputy chief of the policy analysis and development division at the National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development, said earlier this month that the government has been doing its best to improve the lives of disabled people.

“The government has paid very close attention to the needs of disabled people in policy decisions,” he said. “At the national level, the government enacted laws to protect the disabled and has created awareness about problems they face.”

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