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How do you practice safe driving?

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times No Comments Share:

To become a good driver, one does not only need to master the vehicle but the roads as well. And a good driver – a really good one – knows how to religiously follow traffic rules and ensure his and other drivers’ safety on the road.

Learn more about Cambodian traffic with “Cambodia Driving Rules” mobile application. This app provides education about the traffic rules and common scenarios in Cambodian roads.

This app is created to let drivers, especially those who are just beginning to learn how to drive, understand the theory of driving and how to drive the safest and most convenient way possible. This app can also help those who are about to take driving exams for their licenses. By using the “Cambodia Driving Rules”, users can do a mock exam and be prepared for the extensive tests.

Developers of the app have also included a detailed list of the laws and regulations on road traffic that helps encourage drivers to always practice defensive driving. Since the app uses Khmer language, it is easy to understand and remember.

Download this mobile application now through Google Play and App Store, and drive safely around Cambodia.

Traffic Theories

After you’ve downloaded the mobile app, you can start scanning through its functions and see how effective the app is in ensuring users can easily learn the basics of traffic rules and regulations in the kingdom. Click on the “Theory and Regulation” to learn more about the rules and keep yourself away from trouble and danger. All the contents of this app are written in Khmer so it’s convenient to read and understand. But for expatriates and foreign tourists, the app also provides accurate English translation.

Effective Functions

The app has several buttons users can navigate and try – Driving Theory, Mock Exam, Games and Regulation. All these buttons provide essential information that will help you understand Cambodian roads more.

Mock Test

If you’re about to get your driving license – and getting one is no joke – you can try the “Mock Test” in this mobile app. It has about a hundred questions which you can take to see if you’re really ready to drive along the roads. The questions will be a little similar to the legitimate exam, so this can be a good practice platform for you.

Credible Result

When you’ve answered every question and exercise, the app will immediately show you the result. See if you passed. If you didn’t, you can try scanning through other buttons on the app and do another review until you familiarise the driving regulations. After all, this isn’t just about getting a driving license; but more importantly a way for you to see if you’re fit to drive in chaotic roads such as Cambodia’s.

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