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Bookworm turned bookstore owner

Chhum Chaivathanak / Khmer Times Share:

Reading good and informative books is like storing substantial knowledge on your brain – all while enjoying the beauty of literature. Books let us experience a wider world and expand our perspective on things and people, albeit through words. Books inspire, and books motivate.

Soun Maryna knows this for sure. A third year student at Panhasastra University, Maryna is a self-confessed bookworm and she has countless books to prove such. She shared that she spends most of her time in the school library to read inspirational books, novels, as well as business-related references that push her to overcome her fears and chase her dreams. Safe to say, her books are her greatest cheerleaders.

With her books, she was able to live her daily life with enthusiasm. She also draws inspiration from her favourite authors who shared their success stories.

Because of this passion, she decided to be a source of motivation to other people by selling her books online last year. And this year, she finally opened her own book store – Bookhouse Cambodia – with her massive collection of reading materials for anyone to see, read and buy.

Maryna shared, “It sounds easy to own a bookstore, however I struggled along the way due to financial problems. I didn’t want to quit. But I had to ask my closest friends to help me managing this book store. It hasn’t been going smoothly, but it is growing day by day”.

Her busy schedule is also a problem, Maryna added. She is currently pursuing two degrees. But because of the business, she has somehow sacrificed her social life.

“I work really hard as I also deliver the books myself to the customer until I manage some proper budget to hire a delivery service company to work for me.”

The bookstore has three owners – all young women who want to share their passion for reading and help foster a good reading habit among Cambodians.

“When reading everyone are being educated through the content. My objective is to promote wide reading in Cambodia. Books help them to innovate their ideas and guide them to make use of those ideas in the right way,” noted Maryna.

She fervently hopes that her bookstore will expand and will be an avenue for all book lovers to find literary and educational materials that will help them learn and achieve their dreams.

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