Anti-trafficking committee urges more education

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Chou Bun Eng speaks at a workshop yesterday. KT/Sen David

A government official is calling for more training on human trafficking for the country in order to prevent the crime despite a drop in the percentage of people under 18 working in the adult entertainment industry.

Chou Bun Eng, chairwoman of the National Authority for Anti-Human Trafficking Committee, said that over the last five years, 20,000 people have been trained to prevent human trafficking by the ministry.

“There has not been a sufficient amount of training provided,” Ms Bun Eng said. “So the authorities must keep working to educate people in order to prevent human trafficking.”

“Traffickers always find a way to commit crimes,” she added. “Having a law that forbids human trafficking is not enough. What is important is education to prevent human trafficking.”

She noted that today, only two percent of people under 18 work in the adult entertainment industry, a sharp drop when compared to 2002’s 20 percent.

Pok Panhavichetr, executive director of Cambodian Women’s Crisis Centre, said yesterday the group had finished a five-year project on sex trafficking prevention in the country.

Mr Panhavichetr said the group was tasked with conducting a study and training vulnerable people on how to protect themselves against sex traffickers.

“Our project helped a lot of people to understand,” he said. “Many also stayed with us at the CWCC for vocational skills training.”

Mr Panhavichetr noted that his group provided training to vulnerable women and victims of violence at CWCC shelters in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap province.

The group also taught English, how to build a small businesses and how to achieve financial independence.

Between 2014 and 2018, the centre has trained 950 students and 9,067 villagers on how to prevent trafficking.

Seung Hoon Jung, a South Korean government official who worked with CWCC, said the project helped him understand the matter in more depth.

“I helped make sex workers, tuk-tuk drivers and whoever else is involved understand more about the issue of human trafficking,” Mr Seung said.

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