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NSSF offers free cancer treatment

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Prime Minister Hun Sen with garment workers. Fresh News

The National Social Security Fund is offering free medical check-ups and cancer treatment for all garment workers and government officials.

NSSF director Ouk Samvithya on Tuesday said Cambodia has become the first country to provide free medical check-ups and treatment.

“No other country has provided free check ups and free cancer treatments,” Mr Samvithya said, noting that NSSF card holders can receive radiotherapy, chemotherapy, as well as surgery.

He added that more than 1,400 government officials and civil servants currently hold an NSSF card.

“The government will often pay a lot of attention to their people, especially civil servants and garment workers,” Mr Samvithya said. “The NSSF has treated 2,201 government workers, former civil servants and former soldiers.”

The NSSF signed an agreement with the Health Ministry to include 1,335 health centres under its social security scheme. Of the number stated, 1,292 are state health centres, while 43 are private.

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