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CDX Promotes Cambodia at International Summit in London


Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (“CDX”) has recently participated in the London Summit 2018 at Old Billingsgate, London, England, introducing Cambodia and promoting the country’s financial market to a multitude of exhibitionparticipants from different parts of the globe. That was a proud and significant moment for CDX as it again was the only institution from Cambodia to have presence, to propagate potential international partnership, to expand exposure of Cambodia, and to highlight investment opportunities in the nation at such a big-scale overseas financial summit, which sets up a platform for a new influx of foreign investors, thereby activating a more active and healthier flow of investment activities.

The London Summit, the world’s largest event for the trading industry community, lasted two days from November 13th to November 14th, bringing together numerous exchanges, FX brokerage firms, FX industry leaders, liquidity providers, asset managers, and fintech startups.

Proudly, CDX was able to make Cambodia better known by exhibitors and participants. The main aspects that CDX covered included the nation’s overview, its general development progress, its financial market insight, and its great investment potential. In the meantime, CDX also shared its experience with diverse industry professionals as well as top managers of FX related companies, inviting them to come to Cambodia to operate businesses and be one of the trailblazers of Cambodia’s financial instrument trading. The rise in investment activities would attribute to the increase of the country’s economy ultimately.

CDX’s participation in the London Summit carried on showcasing its ambition of promoting and leading Cambodia financial market, particularly derivatives market, to the highest-possible level with sedulous engagement of both local and international market players and investors. Prior to this participation, at international stage CDX had taken part in the iFX Expo in Cyprus and been featured on Finance Magnates, to name a few. Domestically, CDX had co-organized various derivatives forums with Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (“SECC”) and once co-hosted a huge forum with SECC and Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society (“CGSE”). CDX is also joining SECC’s roadshow at the end of November and early December at provinces throughout Cambodia.


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